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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 15th January 2008
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Link between Zig Zags and M1 Poma is loaded.

Misty Coire Na Ciste. East Wall Gullies, West Wall and Ciste Gully complete now with good base, but return to Poma tricky.

Looking down a wide upper Coire Cas as the snow begun to fall again.

Chicken Gully is loaded and provides an easier and wider alternative to the Gunbarrel. (there's a deep burn course under that!).

Lower Slopes are complete with a mostly good cover between the fences, skiable to Daylodge via Fiacaill Ridge or Carpark Runs.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma track. Daylodge Run behind right is complete, not sure about M2.

Carpark Runs at night fall.

Looking down Burnside which still has a good cover between the fence and burn.

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All runs on the Cas side of the mountain are complete and most are over in Coire Na Ciste where the best snow is in the natural snow fields.

Easily skiable to the Daylodge via either Carpark Run or Fiacaill Ridge, and the Daylodge Poma Run is also complete and the Poma is now ready to go. Some snow loss from open slopes in Sunday's thaw, but on the main runs and between the fences the snow pack has undergone significant consolidation giving an improved base on all runs.

Snow showers were coming this afternoon and beginning to drift, giving some very nice turns on drifted fresh overlying a firm but grippy base on Coire Cas, which has a good wide base. The Zig Zags and Chicken Gully are both in great shape if you wish to avoid the Gunbarrel. M1 is complete via both the full RaceTrack and the link to the 105 which provides an alternative to the steeper and narrower lower RaceTrack.

Photos by Winterhighland. Please send your photos to pix2008@winterhighland.info or pop a report in the Public Reports.

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