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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 6th January 2008
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The mythical first lift... but only on the Ptarmigan Tow!


CairnGorm from the thin but easily skiable Sheiling Run.

View across the mid-station to the Fiacaill with new fenced traverse on lower Lady.

Time to head home..

Skier drops into the Carpark Run. Mostly reasonable, easily skiable and rocks/thin bits can be avoided.

Heading for home on the Burnside option of the Carpark Runs.

Last train up just after 3.25pm.

Looking up the Gunbarrel at the end of the day, great nick given it started from nothing!

The bottom of the White Lady, can traverse at two points higher up or drop down to the SSC hut boardwalk level.

Skiers on the newly pisted M1. Fantastic work Tom!

The now double fenced approach to the foot of the M1 absolutely loaded.

Raining cats and dogs, but snowing.......

Looking West from the M1 Poma over the upper Traverse.

White Lady living up to it's name. Great unpisted sport for good skiers/boarders, loads of natural hits.

The Ptarmigan Tow, direct route to the Bowl now loaded.

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A cold South to South Westerly after a good snow fall is the holy grail of CairnGorm when it comes to filling the natural ski runs, gullies and burn courses. The past 48hours didn't disappoint.

All mid mountain runs in Coire Cas are complete, the Gunbarrel has gone from nothing to a decent run pretty much overnight on Friday and the White Lady is just fantastic for good skiers and boarders. The Lady is unpisted with loads of natural hits for the varied drifts, with drop offs and natural kickers. Some impressive depths of snow, there's a good 6 to 8feet in parts of the Gunbarrel where previously there was none.

The Traverse, 105 and Zig Zags are in great shape for early intermediates and the links back to both the Funicular and M1 Poma are loaded. M1 SideTrack was the place to be this morning for pisted snow, but once the M1 RaceTrack was bashed out it was offering excellent riding for the full length right into the queuing area. Fiacaill runs look decent, but until the Cas Tow opens access is difficult.

It's easily skiable to the Daylodge and Cas Carpark via the Carpark Run/Burnside, there are thin/narrow bits so take it easy. The Daylodge Run is skiable, but the M2 is an unknown but probably not good due to the strength of wind. However the natural runs in the Ciste are a different story. Check the pic, that's the East Wall, West Wall and Ciste Gully from nothing to something pretty tasty looking in 36hours. If the forecast delivers when that side opens it will definitely be a sickie day!

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