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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 19th February 2008
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Looking over the Lower Lady to 1141 in the distance above Coire Cas.

Gunbarrel has good cover but was solid and slick by late afternoon.

Coire Cas in the late afternoon, good cover on the main run, firm grippy snow.

The second leg of the Zig Zags and link to the Cas/M1 are in decent shape.

Looking down the top leg of the Zig Zags to the link from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

Fun in the Sledge Park outside the Ptarmigan.

Last run off the day on the Ciste Tow. Good cover in the Top Basin.

Upper Coire Cas from the Traverse, which had loose spring snow.

View back up the Traverse.

End of day drinks outside the Cas Bar in mid Feb!

View up the White Lady, still mostly complete via the 'skirt'. Ski Tracks and footprints from the much softer snow on Monday, bely the rock solid snow on Tues.

View from the Ciste Car Park. West Wall still complete with quite extensive snow cover on the face of the wall.

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A perfect blue sky day on Tuesday, but with very dry air which meant the snow stayed much firmer than on Monday where it more generally loosened up into spring snow. Mostly firm, but grippy, but some areas were harder and much more slick. The Gunbarrel become scrapped later, classic CairnGorm boiler plate, while right beside it the Zig Zags were much more forgiving.

The main action is from the Sheiling up in the Top Basin and down the Traverse on to various options in Coire Cas back to the middle. Fiacaill Ridgestill do-able to the Carpark for good skiers/boarders, with the Ridge Poma open for access.

White Lady was seeing some action on Monday with fun spring snow, but the tracks from yesterday were frozen ruts today.

Still good cover on Coire Cas and in the Ptarmigan and Ciste Bowls, Fairway a bit scrapped but reasonable cover. Top 2 Zig Zags in good condition allowing the bulk of the Gunbarrel to be avoided, plus quick access to the M1 Poma and Cas Tow from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

Photos by Winterhighland. Please send your photos to pix2008@winterhighland.info .
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