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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 17th April 2008
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Machine Packed Powder on the White Lady, superb sport.

Looking over to the Funicular underpass from the M1 SideTrack, access the Lady from all directions!

Freshly prepared corduroy in the making, White Lady bashed out to 6 Machine widths.

Whatever CML are trying to hide, that's just a little bit conspicuous!

West Wall Poma track shows up the slow but steady drifting of the loose powdery snow from the tops.

OverYonder and the Aonach Bowl. M2 best sport for confident blue run skiers and boarders.

Truly sweet snow all the way under the West Wall Chair line.

Skier prepares to make a turn on the West Wall Chair Run, Poma beyond.

Traversing from near the foot of the West Wall. Between the bottom two pylons of the Chair is the lowest line you can take and still reach the poma without a hoof back up.

The West Wall was riding beautifully with a covering of windblown fresh.

Looking back up the Ciste Gully, windblown powder on a firm base, great for carving.

Looking down the Ciste Gully and the snow covered sweep of the East Wall. Lochan Na Beinne beyond.

Full width White Lady viewed from the lower East Lady.

Carpark Runs viewed from near the foot of the 105 just above where it merges with the M1 RaceTrack at the queuing area.

Top of the Gunbarrel and Cas Ski Tow from the lower 105, pisted 'hero' snow at this level.

Coire Cas and the 105, ski anywhere cover here, with fresh windblown powder drifting onto Coronation Wall - beware of possible slide risk.

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Another superb bright & sunny afternoon with some fresh powder drifting in. Not just are all lift served runs complete, but you can ride pretty much all over the mountain above mid-station level on both the Coire Cas and Coire Na Ciste sides of the snowsports area.

At the top of the mountain the Top Basin has total cover with superb conditions for novices and early intermediates, indeed the Ciste Bowl was again providing superb confidence building turns perfect for getting into a rythem for the Ciste Gully.

The picks of the day for advanced skiers was the Ciste Gully, brilliant riding with a good covering of fresh windblown powder on a firm base, also superb was the lower West Wall - below the line most were traversing from the gully to the Poma had superb windpacked powder, just remember to cut off and traverse between the bottom two pylons of the West Wall Chair to not overshoot the Poma.

For good skiers looking for pisted terrain, the direct line by the T-bar on the White Lady was offering great riding on machine packed powder and the Kassbohrers were working on it and the M1 SideTrack this evening.

The No1 East Wall gully should also be catching fresh, but this could be getting slabby, similar for Cornation Wall and parts of the East Lady. From the Ptarmigan Tow it's possible for advanced riders to hold a high traverse out towards 1151 and the higher you can stay the more vertical you earn on the East Wall.

All runs to the Daylodge are skiable, but the bottom 1/4 of the Daylodge and Burnside are thin and narrow, these are better lines outside the fences. Direct line on the Carpark Run and Fiacaill Ridge both good cover.

If the shuttle bus is running (as was the case Wed) there is fantastic cover just now on both the routes back to the Ciste Carpark via the Aonach Ridge and the Laogh Mor Return (2000ft vertical from top of Ptarmigan Tow).

Great weekend in store, looks like some good bright or sunny spells, start plotting your trip. Conditions the past few days have been amongst the best of the season. Pix by Winterhighland.
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