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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 24th March 2008
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Blue Sky above Loch Morlich in a clear spell in the Gunbarrel.

A sunny spell between snow showers at the foot of the M1 Poma.

Looking across the Gunbarrel to the loaded link from the Zig Zags.

Going up the M1 Poma, depth on track improved considerably since last week.

Fiacaill Ridge from the M1 Poma. Fiacaill Traverse is loaded and good snow out there.

A cat waits to pounce on it's prey!

Sheiling area of the Carpark Run from the foot of the M1 Poma. Thin but easily skiable to the Daylodge.

Heading for home on the Carpark Run at the foot of the Sheiling Trainer Tow.

Daylodge Poma run is continuing to fill in slowly, uptrack looks there or there abouts.

Loch Morlich from the Zig Zags.

Drifting snow clears on the Fiacaill to give a view to Loch Morlich. The Fiacaill Traverse is loaded.

On the M1 RaceTrack, mostly in good shape out via the Horizon Road link to the Cas. Steep pitch a bit scoured so beware of a few rocks.

Boarder heading for the White Lady via the M1 SideTrack.

Looking down the M1 Poma to the Carpark Runs beyond.

Purple Thingy.

Zig Zags viewed from an absolutely loaded Horizon Road.

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Since Saturday afternoon there's been around a foot of fresh snow on CairnGorm Mountain and with lowering temperatures the snow showers have become increasingly fine powder.

Visibility came and went, thus the M2 was closed, but the visibility was never consistently bad enough to be sure the ski patroller manning the machine gun on the viewing terrace overlooking the M2 couldn't get enough of a glimpse to take out anyone who had made it through the minefield beyond the area closed signs! So we stuck to the Cas side just in case!

The M1 is mostly full width and offering good sport out via the Gunbarrel, but the wind direction was scouring the steeper face where there was a few exposed rocks. The Lady has less of a base lower down, but was providing the best sport for those who had sussed out the powder lines and there was enough drifting for consistent first tracks!

The Traverse and Cas are in good shape, but were being plagued by a head wind. The Fiacaill Traverse has filled well and there was some good snow out on the Fiacaill run back by the Zig Zags, indeed there were nice stashes further along the Ridge beyond the crossover, but visibility didn't allow them to be easily located.

The Carpark Runs are complete with narrow and thin areas, but easily passable with care, though if your on your newest and greatest toy(s) you might want to use the Funicular instead to get down.

Potentially brighter and less showery on Tuesday, which will if it occurs make for a great day. The snow on the open terrain is superb, just be nice to see enough of it that more can open.
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