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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 30th March 2008
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Heading for home at the Top of the Traverse after the last run on the M1 Poma.

Upper Coire Cas from the 105 at the merge of Horizon Road. Lower 105 had excellent groomed snow that no-one was using!

M1 RaceTrack full width and well pisted with good packed powdery snow, softening at the foot of the run.

Looking over the Northern Corries from the Traverse/M1 split. Traverse/Cas provides a long green run to the middle.

Ciste Fairway like all Top Basin runs is fantastic with full width machine packed powder.

The Ptarmigan Restaurant in winter Plumage. Sledge Park has been extended, sledges for hire, buy tickets from the Shop at the Top.

Going up the Ciste T-bar in late afternoon sun. Superb conditions for less experienced riders up top and ample beginner areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl and Ptarmigan Tow from the moderate off-piste of the upper East Wall. The area to skiers left of the Ptarmigan Tow provides great intro to off-piste.

Loaded fences on the Coire Na Ciste Ski Tow. Ciste Bowl is wide with a deep base as it has been most of the season, a superb and flattering run for early intermediates up.

East Wall, Ciste Gully and West Wall are superb. Really all that would be needed to make it perfect is a Chairlift.... oh!!

Hazy sunshine gives an excellent afternoon for riding the steeps of Coire Na Ciste. Looking up to Base 4 from near the foot of East Wall No 1 Gully.

Skiers in the Ciste Gully which is fairly wide and offering superb sport, complete to the boardwalks, but traverse the West Wall to reach the Poma without a hike up from the boardwalk.

Looking down the East Wall over the Ciste Gully to the West Wall beyond.

Looking out the Loagh Mor Traverse that provides access to the East Wall Gullies. Very drifted on the traverse, don't belt off the Ptarmigan - its hard on the shock absorbers!

Skiers and boarders enjoying the excellent snow and hazy sun on the White Lady. Good link to the M1 Poma and there is a pisted line to the mid-station, but still plenty unpisted too.

Skiers on the West Wall Poma as a snow shower comes in. Best snow on the Mountain is skiers left of the WWP down into the Aonach Bowl, then pick a line through to OverYonder.

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A fantastic afternoon's sliding on CairnGorm Mountain, the early morning mist and low cloud that came in after a clear dawn cleared away to give long spells of hazy sunshine and just a couple of brief snow showers.

Yesterday afternoons wet snow and an overnight frost gave firmer conditions on the lower slopes, which softened up during the day. Skiable to the Daylodge via the Carpark Runs/Burnside and Daylodge Poma Run which is the best route.

Mid mountain a mix of soft new snow, firm grippy snow and machine packed powder, with some softening towards the lower end of the middle runs. All Mid mountain runs are complete and open with fantastic sport on offer for all ability levels.

The Traverse, 105, Cas and Zig Zags provide a long green/easy blue combo for those comfortable with the Top Basin runs, while the Fiacaill Traverse provides a longer blue out via the Fiacaill and back by the Zig Zags.

For more advanced riders both the M1 and the Lady esp were offering great riding on Sun afternoon, both well pisted but with plenty of drifted fresh and unpisted lines on the Lady.

For experts though Coire Na Ciste is the place to be, the Ciste Gully, West Wall, M2, OverYonder and the East Wall gullies are skiing beautifully just now. Pick of the bunch is the No1 East Wall Gully or skiers left of the WWP down into and through the Aonach Bowl which had beautiful snow on Sunday.

British Summer Time may have deprived us of an hours sleep, but super mid-winter snow on offer on 'the Gorm today. Photos by Winterhighland, please check Saturday's photos for pix of the Cas and lower slopes/Daylodge.
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