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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 19th January 2008
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Hectic at Glenmore with the Annual Husky Race in town.

Moon rising above the Daylodge Poma.

Fiacaill Ridge from the Daylodge, good width but unpisted.

Moon above the Daylodge Poma. Good base, though not full width lower down a decent depth.

Outside the Top Station, gusty winds and snow shower coming in.

Daylodge Poma doing it's thing. :)

Skiers on the M1, good sport for more experienced riders, pisted and firm but grippy.

Upper Coire Cas from Horizon Road.

M1 RaceTrack, Traverse Split.

Dropping onto the 105 from Horizon Road after skiing the upper M1 RaceTrack.

Boarder on the top Zig Zag. Fully complete and Chicken Gully is loaded between the top two legs of the ZZs.

View down Chicken Gully, much quieter than the Gunbarrel.

Lower slopes viewed down the Gunbarrel.

Heading for home on the last run down the Burnside option of the Carpark Runs.

Going up the M1 Poma as a squally snow shower moved in.

Thawing out at the end of the day in the Cas Bar.

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Uplift restricted by high winds on Saturday, though the M1 Poma opened for the afternoon. Daylodge Poma never had a queue so was the best option for grabbing some quick mileage.

All runs are complete on the Cas side with a mostly good cover, most main Ciste Runs are also complete. After fresh snow then rain, thaw and overnight refreeze and a light covering of snow from overnight showers surface conditions were mixed, generally firm packed but grippy, but some areas of fresh/loose snow but also areas of rather scrapped hard pack.

M1 Race Track and M1 SideTrack offering good pisted riding for advanced riders, firm but grippy snow with pockets of fresh, Race Track full width. Coire Cas was offering hard pisted snow on the main run, grippier snow out under the downline and there is a good wide cover on the upper Cas. White Lady was hard packed at the top, but well worth it for the lower half which had nice firm grippy snow with a covering of loose snow.

Traverse, Cas, Gunbarrel, Zig Zags and Carpark Runs are pisted, thus a green run from top to Daylodge suitable for lower intermediates up served directly by the Funicular. Chicken Gully through the Zig Zags is loaded and offering an excellent and less used alternative to the Gunbarrel. Carpark Runs have a good mostly full width cover, Fiacaill Ridge has decent cover but is unpisted. Daylodge and M2 were pisted, Daylodge about 2/3rds width but with a decent depth so fairly good sport, but a bit slick on the steeper pitches. Ciste side closed Sat except M2. Ciste Gully should be excellent with a grippy firm base and some loose/fresh on top.

Snow shower coming as we left. Photos by Winterhighland.
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