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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 21st April 2008
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Aonach Bowl retains great cover as does the M2 and OverYonder. Bowl can be accessed from M2 or down skiers right of the WWP.

Heading up in the Funicular, the East Lady behind still with plenty of decent lines.

Large pile of snow dug out from the Ciste get on ramp. All Top Basin Runs retain total cover, but snow sticky up top Monday.

Ciste Bowl from the foot of the Ciste T-bar. This was the first day it really softened up top, this made for very sticky snow esp on the Fairway. Ciste Bowl better.

View down the Ciste T-bar up-track and lower portion of the Fairway.

Apparently so.....

Skier putting in turns by the M1 Poma.

Looking over the M1 RaceTrack to the Zig Zags and Fiacaill Crossover beyond. M1 SideTrack had good spring snow, not sticky.

Skier puts a turn in at the foot of the East Wall No 1 Gully while skiing the Ciste Gully.

View down the Ciste Gully which is offering fantastic sport having along with the M1 SideTrack the best snow on Monday.

Skier traverses under the West Wall Chairlift on route to the Poma.

Fiacaill Buttress viewed from Lady Luck. All routes onto the White Lady are in good shape.

The Top Basin with total cover as viewed from the West Wall Poma.

Looking along Lady Luck to Lurcher's Gully in the distance.

The top Section of the East Lady between the Lady, Lady Luck and M2. Snow was sticky off-piste compared to Sunday.

Setting off on the full width White Lady having joined from Lady Luck.

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A Monday where the only blues on CairnGorm Mountain were in the sky, with overheard varying between part cloudy to almost completely blue sky. If you can get up on Tuesday, do so and make the most of the amazing spring cover while the settled weather holds - sadly unsettled milder weather is forecast to push NE on South West winds during Wednesday.

Snow softened much quicker on Monday, but went through a decidedly sticky phase esp off-piste and in the Top Basin (where the snow was still relatively unconsolidated), but as the sunny spells started to merge into one and other the surface conditions begun to get less sticky again.

Best snow was on more heavily trafficked areas of the mid-mountain where it's becoming more granular. On the Cas side the best riding today was the M1 SideTrack with granular spring snow. Over in the Ciste the Ciste Gully was the pick of the day overall - quite soft but not sticky and slowly morphing closer to true granular spring snow with the diurnal freeze thaw cycling.

A frost is expected tonight, surfaces will firm up once more before softening during the morning. Extensive off-piste options remain on the mid and upper mountain.

Skiable to the Daylodge via the Fiacaill Ridge and a variation on the Carpark Run, from the Zig Zags down towards the Carpark Tow, onto the track to cross the burn by the bridge, then skiers left of the fence that curves round past the Sheiling Tow, before cutting back to the lower side slope of the Fiacaill Ridge. Daylodge piste is good at the top, but patchy on the bottom third. Skiable to the Ciste Carpark via the Aonach Ridge and the Laogh Mor Return - if you can arrange or hitch a lift back to the Cas and the lifts this gives 2000ft of vertical.
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