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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 29th March 2008
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Traverse out onto the East Lady, mix of firm grippy snow, windpacked powder and some areas of difficult refrozen windslab.

Looking down one of various lines on the East Lady to the Middle Station, Zig Zags mid picture are loaded.

Ciste Fairway at the M2/Lady Luck Split. Access to the Lady good by either this route or the M1 SideTrack.

Top Basin loaded with snow but deserted due to high winds.

View back to the Ptarmigan Restaurant with it's winter plumage on today.

Skiers heading down the Burnside option of the Carpark Runs. Nice pisted machine packed powder.

Looking down the Carpark Tow and Sheiling Area where there is ample beginner areas, though snow more limited than up top.

Windswept White Lady from the SSC Hut, mix of firm packed but grippy fast snow and windblown /wind packed powder.

Looking across the lower White Lady to the Middle Station, quite a few beginner classes using the flatter sheltered foot of the Lady.

View up the White Lady from the Ski Club Hut traverse, much improved lines to the M1 Poma and Mid Station of the Funicular.

A solitary boarder on the Cas Gunbarrel which is flatter again, Chicken Gully down through the Zig Zags is also loaded with new snow.

Beginner classes taking advantage of the sheltered areas around the middle station and foot of the White Lady.

Blue Sky Storm on CairnGorm Mountain. Burnside is best option on the Carpark Run.

Foot of the Carpark Run and T-bar. Decent riding with a good tail wind.

Daylodge Poma run is full width between the fences. M2/Daylodge route is in good shape and the best route to the Daylodge, though very windy on the upper M2.

Funicular car traveling upwards as a Piste Basher goes down the M1 Race Track, which is fully pisted to the Poma loading area.

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A bright and sunny, but very blustery morning on CairnGorm Mountain with the winds restricting uplift to the Funicular and lower tows, though the wind was easing up at the middle station around lunchtime.

The early hours of Friday saw blizzard conditions, giving way to drier weather with continued drifting on SE winds which drove snow down to help fill the Lady, Ciste Gully, Gunbarrel and Chicken Gully. During Friday afternoon temperatures rose giving thaw conditions to around the top station level, this was followed by a swift refreeze on Fri evening.

This means the snow from the past week has consolidated some what and Saturday saw a mix of firm grippy snow and windblown powder from the overnight snow showers, plus still loose snow drifting down from higher levels.

Pisted areas saw the machines break up the crust and mix in the new snow giving very nice machine packed powder on the Carpark Run, M2, Traverse and the Cas, with some softening lower down. Mix of windblown fresh and firm packed grippy snow on unpisted areas. Excellent run for good skiers/boarders from Top Station to Daylodge via the M2 and Daylodge.

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