pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 19th April 2008
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Approaching the Ciste Carpark via the Laogh Mor Return fence line.

Tracks in the soft snow on the Laogh Mor Return. Good spring snow at top, sticker lower down in the afternoon.

Looking towards OverYonder from the Laogh Mor Traverse - beyond No2 Gully.

Jonny on the West Wall heading for the Poma.

Putting in some turns on the lower West Wall.

Trainer Poma in the Top Basin, excellent areas for novices.

Massive kicker with a massive kick judging by the take off!

Looking over the Gunbarrel from the M1 Poma Queuing area.

Looking up the Cas Tow in the Gunbarrel, can ski just about anywhere on this part of the mountain.

Heading to the Daylodge for lunch via the Fiacaill Ridge.

Coire Cas from the Fiacaill Ridge, still ski anywhere cover in much of the Coire above mid-station.

Decisions decisions....

The M2 and top half of the Daylodge are in great nick, but the bottom third of the Daylodge Run is patchy, but skiable with better lines outside the fences.

Looking down the fantastic and full width M2. Full cover across the Aonach Bowl to OverYonder.

The Top Basin from the Tor between the WWP and the M2 fences.

Carving on Coire Cas. Excellent snow for intermediates and the Cas Tow was without a queue most of the day.

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An overcast start gradually gave way to broken cloud and some decent sunny periods, certainly enough sun to work on that goggle tan!

Firmer snow from mid-mountain down gradually softened off to spring snow, with the Fiacaill Ridge and Daylodge being best around lunchtime mid-afternoon with good spring like snow. Little softening on the upper mountain where there is still some widblown fresh moving about with the FL staying below the Top Station.

Lower down less heavily trafficked off-piste areas which had fairly unconsolidated fresh snow became sticky late afternoon, but elsewhere surface conditions improved through the day. A slow thaw at lower levels and steady compaction of the snow mean it is gradually aging and starting to become more like granular spring snow and each diurnal freeze/thaw should help morph the snow pack into true granular spring snow - one of the delights of late season Scottish Snowsports.

Despite being a busy day with the extent of cover people were well spread out helping reduce queues, the Cas Tow being quietest for long spells. The only real queuing issue was at times on the West Wall Poma, but this tended to come and go later, so by keeping an eye on the queue it was possible to ski with minimal waits.

Best route to the Cas Carpark is the Fiacaill Ridge, but Carpark and Daylodge runs passable (direct route on Carpark Run best). Both the Laogh Mor Return and Aonach Ridge offer decent off-piste runs to the Ciste Carpark.
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