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Glencoe // Sunday 6th April 2008
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Sea and Snow at Ballachulish.

Secret powder stash, everyone thought it was icy!

The Main Basin is wide and deep, firm packed snow with mix of looser granular snow and windblown fresh on top.

Skier ponders his line in the Main Basin where the surface continued to improve through the day.

SnowHead vetski about to drop into the Canyon Gully.

The sun about to set on the Canyon for another day, windpacked powder on the side slope, scoured above it.

Hazy afternoon sunshine on the Wall T-bar.

Big Rainbow Rail in the Main Basin, Rannoch Moor beyond.

Plateau Poma run is getting narrow in a few places low down, Spring Run and Flypaper beyond.

Wall T-bar and the Wall which was hosting the nicest snow of the day.

Looking up over the Cliffy to the Canyon, Main Basin above.

Looking up Mugs Ally to Thrombosis from the Plateau Cafe.

Good wide cover and patches of blue sky from the Main Basin T-bar.

Going up the Main Basin T-bar, good deep cover on the t-bar track.

Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Access Chairlift, Spring Run and Flypaper in the distance.

Looking up the hill from the Plateau Poma.

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A largely bright Sunday with good spells of hazy sunshine, but a few snow flurries through the afternoon and a heavier snow shower was coming in just after the lifts closed.

Much less fresh than the Eastern areas was the price to pay for the better overhead, but there was enough loose snow to freshen up the firm packed base with good sport in the Main Basin with loads of width for cranking up some big wide turns. There is not as much as a trace of the Haggis Trap.

Mugs Alley has pisted fresh snow on a firm base giving a pleasant cruise, but Thrombosis was bullet proof and rough. Little showing of the Thrombosis gully, so there are lines with deep cover back to the Cliffy.

Flypaper was closed due to hard surfaces, but both it and the Spring Run are loaded so when surfaces soften there is plenty scope for steep spring riding.

Best snow was down a diagonal line on the Wall crossing the T-Bar to lowest part of Mugs, catching windblown snow and very few people venturing on to it, due to scoured hard snow at the top of the Wall T-bar, everyone elses loss, the gain for those who figured out where the stash was!

Photos by Winterhighland.
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