pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 30th December 2007
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A perfect evening at dusk. Just add more snow!

Mist clings to nearby hills, but the 'Gorm stays clear.

First go on the Ciste Tow this winter.

Ciste Fairway opens at Lunchtime.

View back down the Ptarmigan Tow.

Ciste Fairway early afternoon.

Beginner lessons in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Cas carpark almost full, parking down the road later.

Quiet Ptarmigan Bowl at Dusk.

I spy something beginning with W....

Top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Ptarmigan Restaurant and part frozen Loch Morlich.

Ptarmigan viewing terrace.

Sunset from the viewing terrace.

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A perfect day weather wise with plenty of sun and mostly blue skies over CairnGorm while hills just to the West were shrouded in a layer of contour hugging mist which gave dramatic views esp as the day drew to a close and the Sun started to set.

The good weather meant the mountain was busy with lots of sightseers, a good number of tourers were out and about and loads of walkers and climbers were making their way down at dusk. Check out the Backcountry section and the forum for photos from beyond the Snowsports Area.

Mid morning onwards the queue for the Ptarmigan Tow was starting to look almost as bleak as the weather had been mid-week, but the opening of the Ciste Tow at lunchtime dispersed people out and there was rarely a sizeable queue for the tows in the afternoon. The Fairway is fairly narrow and like the Bowl had a covering of soft snow on a hard packed base, so some scrapped areas developed, but nice turns in the softer stuff.

The Traverse/105 is mostly do-able to the top of the Zig Zags, the Upper M1 is broken in a couple of places. From there you could pick your way down the top Zig Zag, but after that you have to hoof it down to the Daylodge.

Superb weather, but sadly it wont hold through the night. Photos by Winterhighland.
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