pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 22nd March 2008
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The Sledge Park wont be doing much trade this weekend judging by the Hayfield!

Carpark Runs filling slowly, diagonal fence lines doing best on the North wind. Passable with extreme caution for returning to the Carpark.

Looking up the Coire Cas Gunbarrel, Cas is in good nick with machine packed powder on a firm base.

The lower Zig Zags have much improved and they are pisted into the Cas loading area giving a green run from top to mid-station.

Looking up to the 105 across the Cas Tow from the Top Zig Zag. They've done well on the North wind.

Drifting snow reducing visibility at the Top Station.

Horizon Road, the link from the M1 to the Cas has been loading up in the Northerly.

Some contrast at last!!

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More snow showers overnight have continued through the morning on CairnGorm with runs filling slowly on the North winds.

Fence lines with an East West alignment such as Horizon Road (link from M1 to Cas) and the Daylodge were catching a fair bit, the Zig Zags are in good shape now for the full length and the Traverse has loaded up considerably. The M1 itself should also have been improving on the upper section.

Surface conditions are bit unpredictable with the flat light, a mix of windblown and machine packed powder on a hard base, which with some scouring is leaving icy patches and drifts, good for the reactions. Poor visibility prevented seeing the M2, but OverYonder looked to also have been catching more.

Hayfield at Glenmore has a great cover for sledging and there were also some beginners out practising there, definitely more civilised weather than in the Ptarmigan Bowl this morning.

Further snow forecast so runs should continue to fill in further. Fitters were working on the WWP, Ciste Tow and Ptarmigan Tows to get these open.
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