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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 26th March 2008
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Ciste Fairway from the West Wall Poma.

Ptarmigan Traverse looking down into the Bowl and across to the Top Station.

Windblown fresh on the Fiacaill, accessed by the Fiacaill Traverse which is loaded.

Run of the day was the M2, superbly pisted machined packed powder from top to bottom. OverYonder or Daylodge run for returning to the lifts.

Looking out the Fiacaill Traverse which is loaded, there's several feet of fresh snow in that track!

Looking down the White Lady, bit more scrapped after heavy usage on Mon and Tues, but the snow is packing down more.

Baseless fresh in the Aonach Bowl, doesn't work to well on skis! Much better cover on the other side of the Poma, ski out the M2 and keep on going and take a line straight down the Aonach Ridge to the foot of OverYonder.

Good width of cover on the Coire Cas.

Ciste Gully is great higher up, but roped off above a big hole, so need to exit onto the West Wall.

The Daylodge Poma run has filled well on the North winds, Southerly breeze this evening will hopefully top up cover on the lhs. DLP and FRP could run.

Heading for the White Lady via Lady Luck (splits from Fairway at top of the M2).

Boarder on the Traverse which is loaded to at least a fence depth thanks to the North wind.

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After a good going peasouper the past couple of days much better overhead conditions on Wednesday with plenty of hazy sunshine.

The good overhead saw the Ciste side open up for the first time in several days and the West Wall Poma loading from the bottom for the first time in well too long! The Ciste Gully, West Wall itself and the upper East Wall gully were all seeing action, while they were offering the steeps the run of the day was the M2 which had near perfect machine packed powder.

Easily skiable to the Daylodge and Cas Carpark via all available runs, though the Carpark Runs are still thin in places and the Daylodge Run is the best route down.

The Shuttle bus was in operation on Wednesday and it's possible to ski out the full length of the M2 passed the Daylodge Poma taking one of various lines to regain the fence line where it resumes further down the Aonach Ridge and out to the Ciste Carpark.

Excellent areas for lower abilities in the Top Basin, all runs are great up top, but the Ciste Bowl continues to be superb. Thanks to H11lly for the photos. Please send yours to pix2008@winterhighland.info .
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