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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 31st March 2008
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The Aonach Bowl from OverYonder.

105 has great cover and along with the Traverse and Cas provide a great long run for early intermediates who have conquered the Top Basin.

Good width of cover on Coire Cas, a longer run is available via the Fiacaill Traverse, returning to the Cas T-bar via the midgle leg of the Zig Zags.

Great spring riding in the Ciste Gully (and on the East Wall), traverse the West Wall quite low down for the Poma to get the best run.

Top Basin is in superb condition, oh and guess who!

The East Wall Gullies are both offering decent sport, the upper (No 1 Gully) is directly lift served via the WWP, the lower gully requires a short walk from the Boardwalk to the Poma.

White Lady is offering good riding for advanced skiers and boarders with good cover now on the link to the M1 Poma and down the skirt to the Middle Station.

Looking down a loaded Traverse over Coire Cas and the other Northern Corries.

Lurcher's Gully from the Daylodge Poma Run (which is the best route for skiing to the Daylodge).

Boarder on the M2 which is full width between the fences and along with the DLP Run is the best route to the Cas Carpark / Daylodge.

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Snow started hard packed but loosened up through the days, earlier on the slopes getting the most Sun.

By afternoon the cas was marvelous as was the M2. Ciste Gully opened but the Traverse across the West Wall was fairly solid on Monday, despite feeling warm in the sun the actual air temperature remained quite low. The East Wall Gullies got more sun and softened up to give nice spring snow conditions.

The M2 is full width between the fences and along with the Daylodge Run is the best run to the Cas Carpark, though the Burnside option of the Carpark Run is skiable with care.

All Cas side mid mountain runs are complete with a good cover now, though the Traverse, Cas and Fiacaill have the best base. The M1 RaceTrack is full width with excellent machine groomed snow, was somewhere between packed powder and spring snow.

Top Basin Runs are all in fantastic condition with machine packed powder and excellent beginner areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl and around the Trainer Tow.

Thanks to H11lly for the photos from Monday. Additional photos from the weekend are available.
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