pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 28th March 2008
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Softening newly deposited drifts at the foot of the Carpark Run.

Daylodge Poma Run is in good nick, fresh drifts are softening, one or two thin bits from scouring but pisting will sort that.

White Lady and M1 from the Cas Carpark. With SE to South wind, snow was blowing down and filling the Lady overnight and through the morning.

Cas Gunbarrel from the car park. Upper M1 full width, best run is via Horizon Road to Gunbarrel.

A strangely quiet and deserted Car Park in Core Cas this afternoon. Lots of walkers and climbers walking down the road, who started from lower down before the plough cleared the road.

Coire Na Ciste from Loch Morlich, both East Wall gullies complete, M2 loaded from fence to fence, Aonach Bowl skiable as well.

Looking up Coire Na Ciste. With several inches fresh snow overnight and wind from a Southerly quarter the gully has made good gains as has the West Wall.

Looking over the Ciste Base Station to the Aonach Bowl. The Aonach Bynack looks passable despite the blown over fences.

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Overnight saw a band of precipitation move in giving significant accumulations of new snow for the snowsport areas, with several inches though an exact depth is hard to gauge with the significant overnight drifting.

With cold temps and light powdery snow, the drifting continued through the morning, but eased up as the wind dropped and temperature started to rise.

The mountain is looking less white overall and much more wind scoured, the plus side to that is that the snow is now more concentrated on the runs. South to South East winds are good for blowing snow off higher areas into some of the key natural snow fields and the White Lady and Ciste Gully have made decent gains. The Upper Lady is wide with good cover down the line of the skirt and the link to the M1 is much improved, so also is the link to the Funicular. The M1 Race Track has also caught more, though the best route continues to be via Horizon Road onto the Cas.

Snow has drifted down the Ciste Gully accumulating in the holes and further down and there is now good snow well below where it was roped for the traverse of the West Wall. Though one narrow section remains its now complete to the board walk, as is the West Wall itself. The fenced approach from the Chair line to the Poma is narrow though having been scoured between the fences. The best lines could well be to the board walk with the penalty of the climb back to the Poma.

Skiable to the Daylodge via the M2/Daylodge and Carpark Runs both of which looked to have improved. Fresh snow softening and thawing slowly on lower slopes and mid-mountain, this will re-freeze tonight giving an improved base, but with firm packed snow away form the Top under any fresh that falls tonight.

Photos by Winterhighland.
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