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Glenshee // Monday 31st March 2008
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View up the Poma side red on Glas Maol.

Good cover in Centre Gully, but a bit choppy. Was softer and less cut up further out.

On top of the World, well top of Glas Maol anyway.

Sun and snow in Fionn Coire on route from the Caenlochan to Glas Maol.

Going up in the world or at least to the highest lift served point at Glenshee on the Glas Maol Poma.

Excellent spring like snow and loads of fun lines on the Cairnwell between the Bunny Run, RaceTrack and Butchart's.

The red Cairnwell RaceTrack was offering excellent sport, full width between the fences with fantastic spring like snow.

Meall Odhar Poma from the Beag, various lines down Meall Odhar possible.

Going up the Beag Poma to get back to the Caenlochan.

There's a reason this was called Fionn Coire! Acres to play in and the gunbarrel that runs down below the Glas Maol Poma is great fun just now.

Sunnyside Poma Track is in good shape. Fair depth on Cluny too, so other options if the Sunnyside Runs/Tom Dearg start to go.

Checking out the options on the Cairnwell side from the top of the Butchart's Access Poma.

Having a breather to take in the view over Loch vrotchachan.

Ski in Ski Out lodge in need of minor refurbishment... Starting bids now please!

Looking back up the snaking gully from the shelter below the Bunny Run on the route up to the Loch.

Loads of fun to be had in the banked gullies between the Cairnwell and Butchart's.

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People may be banging the 'West is Best' drum, but make no mistake there is still fantastic riding to be had at Glenshee and under the spring sunshine Glenshee was simply skiing beautifully on Monday.

There are some thin/narrow areas to look out for but there is no problem at all getting around the area with your planks on and though not all the lifts are open the vast majority of the terrain is accessible, the only lift that was missed to some extent was the Cairnwell Chair - a few hiked up to the top to hit the Tiger in the afternoon.

Surface conditions varied through the day with surface softening in the sun. Sunnyside was firm till late morning, with Butchart's being south facing offering great spring snow by mid morning. Butchart's Coire has great cover and there's no problem getting back to the lift hub at the Cairnwell Cafe. Using the Cairnwell T-bar there is loads of possibilities for fun lines off the Bunny Run down towards Butchart's.

The Cairnwell Race Tracks were offering good sport, the Red is full width between the fences and was the pick of the Cairnwell side.

Sunnyside and Tom Dearg have some narrow areas, but are in fair condition and easily skiable. The Cluny area has decent coverage and could provide an alternative to the Tom Dearg if required - the link for getting to Tom Dearg on return from Coire Fionn requires caution with ample opportunity for an early but cold bath in the burn! To get to Coire Fionn, traverse across the middle of the Cluny Pomas from the top of Sunyside, then use the short Beag Poma to gain height towards the Caenlochan.

From the top of Caenlochan it's possible to follow the ridge line fenced run, but much more interesting to head the other way into the heart of Fionn Coire with loads of different lines to take.

If the sun comes out mid-week again, get up to Glenshee and make the most of it while the full area is open. Photos by Winterhighland.
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