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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 10th April 2008
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The Carpark Runs viewed from the lower 105 on approach to the M1 Poma, lower Gunbarrel left of shot.

The M1 Poma doing it's thing as a shower approaches to give some further flurries.

White Lady, Funicular, M1 and Cas Gunbarrel from the Fiacaill Ridge - pretty much ski anywhere above mid-station level.

Ptarmigan Bowl from high on the upper East Wall, Top Station centre of photo. Excellent for novices up top.

The Aonach Bowl from the Ciste Carpark which can be skied to via the Aonach Ridge and Coire Loagh Mor Return.

Looking up Coire Na Ciste, superb riding for experts, Loagh Mor Return fence left of shot provides a run to the Ciste Carpark.

The West Wall lifts, Aonach Bowl and Aonach Ridge from the Ciste Carpark.

Telemarking in the Cas Gunbarrel, photo taken from the lower 105.

Skier on the M2 which is full width between the fences, keep an eye out for the odd rock on the steeper pitches.

A currently well loaded Top Basin from the West Wall Poma. Great sport for novices to early intermediates up top.

The Ptarmigan Tow, the only tow still running in Scotland on this date last year.

Complete cover across the Ptarmigan Bowl, good moderate off-piste for intermediates skiers right of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Synchronized pisting of the Ciste Bowl and Ciste Fairway!

Blue Sky, Sun and the Ciste Tow from the upper Ciste Gully.

The Ciste Gully is in great shape down to the cut off for the traverse to the Poma.

The steeper pitch of the West Wall is badly cut up with people traversing to the Poma, contrast with the widely spaced tracks on the East Wall beyond.

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All runs complete with fantastic sport for all ability levels from novices taking their first steps in the Ptarmigan Bowl to experts laying tracks on the steeps of the West and East Walls.

With the snow of the past week largely falling on light winds resulting in practically ski anywhere cover above mid-station level, however do bear in mind a high avalanche risk - the Coire Cas Headwall slide on Thursday, so take heed of any avalanche closures and don't venture to far out on Coronation Wall just in case. West Wall and Ciste Gully were open, and along with the East Wall will be assessed in the morning.

All runs to the Cas Carpark are complete, but beware of the odd thin patch low down but their easily avoidable. The M2 and Daylodge provides a fantastic long blue run from the Top Basin back to the Base Station. Should parking in the Ciste be required, experts can return to the Ciste Carpark via the Aonach Ridge or the Loagh Mor Return.

Some softening below about 3000ft in the afternoon sun, will crisp up the surface for the morning again, breaking down to machine packed powder where groomed and either with use or during the day softening on unpisted areas. Mix of machine packed and skier tracked fresh up top.

Photos by Winterhighland. Please send yours to pix2008@winterhighland.info and help keep Pix from the Slopes as up to date as possible.
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