pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 5th April 2008
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M1 Poma doing it's stuff, at least the poma button gave something to look at.

Some SnowHeads members get a warm introduction to Scotland !!

Jamie pondering the direct route by the T-bar on the White Lady, deep drifted fresh on this line.

We got a great big convoy, well OK actually two piste bashers on their way up the Traverse at the M1 RaceTrack split.

The lifts are shut, the cloud lifts! Loch Morlich from the Ski Club Hut Balcony.

Jamie putting in some turns on the White Lady. Good width and base on the top, narrow lower down but OK via the 'Skirt' for linking to M1 Poma. Watch out for rocks though.

Cloud breaking at the end of the day over Loch Morlich.

Looking up the White Lady just a few minutes after we skied it in near zero visibility! Typical!

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Low cloud combined with falling and drifting snow gave poor visibility and very flat light all afternoon - well until just after the lifts shut when the cloud base suddenly lifted and the greyness which had shrouded CairnGorm all afternoon parted to reveal some early evening rays of Sunshine and pockets of blue sky!

On the slopes a mix of hardpacked base and windblown fresh, giving icy patches. Cas Gunbarrel was fairly slick hardpack under the fresh, the M1 RaceTrack is narrow and drifted with wind scoured icy patches. White Lady is skiable, the base less hard than the M1, more grippy firm packed snow under the windblown new stuff. In better visibility it would have given some fairly decent skiing down via the 'Skirt'.

Fiacaill Run via the Fiacaill Traverse is still complete but whiting out on the far end of the traverse over this afternoon.

Up top all the Top Basin runs are complete with a good cover of fresh snow on a hard packed base. Lower down the Ciste side the Gully and West Wall are skiable if conditions permit and the M2/OverYonder run is also complete, though the steeper pitches of the M2 are narrow.

Traverse/105/Cas combo is the best route from the Top Station to the middle. Experts can get down the Fiacaill Ridge, but requires use of the uptrack - so not if the Poma is running for access. Carpark Run has a thin cover and is filling slowly.

Good to meet Jamie and several SnowHeads this afternoon, shame about the view!
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