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Glencoe // Saturday 9th December 2017
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Tourers can pick a route up and down from the top, but not enough snow has stuck for uplift above the Plateau.

Fresh windblown powder along the Coire Pollach fence line - very fine snow so even the moderating wind was moving it about.

Looking out over the moor from the Plateau Poma Run.

The Access Return has the best depth of cover giving a triangular route, but the top of the Coire Pollach Tow is wind scoured.

A fantastic couple of days for winter sight seeing according to the forecast.

Plateau Poma run has great surface conditions but is thin and narrow for a fair bit of it's length.

Looking up Old Mugs Alley.

Some ungroomed drifts and wind lips to play on at the bottom of Old Mugs Alley, veer left round by the Cafe for a pisted route.

Old Mugs Alley has suffered some scouring from the NW wind overnight, so getting worn in places but easy surface conditions.

Coire Pollach Tow doing it's thing. Hugely worthwhile investment .

Looking down the Access Return route.

Sledge Park in great condition and will get a top up overnight.

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Light winds, remaining cold with largely bluebird skies forecast for Sunday and Monday at Glencoe. So while the terrain on offer remains limited to the Plateau and cover is thin and narrow, the surfaces will remain great for easing yourself into the new season.

Fantastic views for sight seeing, the sledge park at the Plateau Cafe is in great condition thanks to snow making. Use of the sledges are free, just pay for a chairlift ticket. Plateau Cafe is open for warming drinks and snacks!

On Sunday the Coire Pollach Tow, Plateau Poma and Access Chairlift are scheduled and these run on Saturday. There has been some wind scouring overnight which has left the link from the Poma onto Old Mugs Alley requiring a bit of side stepping or an over the grass approach from the side!

There are areas of good accumulations that tourers have been able to exploit further up, but there isn't yet enough snow to link it together and get more uplift open further up Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Snowsports School is offering lessons, complete novices can learn on the snow covered dry slope next to the base cafe or up the mountain on the Plateau.
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