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Glencoe // Thursday 12th April 2018
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Lower Rannoch Glades above the SSC Hut looking down onto the Plateau.

Across the Main Basin T-bar to the Rock Garden.

Top of Plateau Run looking up the corner of Mugs Alley to the Spring Run and Rannoch Glades above.

Plateau Poma uptrack and run still largely filled to the brim.

Rankin's Return still in excellent condition for a longer mellow green cruisey run out East on the Plateau.

Looking back into the Flypaper Bowl, lots of options on and off the East Ridge.

Mugs Alley still wide, lots of fun lines around the Cliffhanger Crag for experienced riders.

Snow still piled up behind the Rescue Shed and big expanse of dozed snow making a big flat area in what should be the top of the Canyon!

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If you were up at Glencoe on Wednesday and at work on Thursday, you probably want to look away now if you didn't already see the largely bluebird skies on the webcam!

The mist burnt off to give an absolute cracker of a day spring riding with all on mountain runs retaining wide and deep cover. So the full 1400ft vertical to the base of the Plateau Poma and lots of terrain options whether you are looking for mellow greens or that sense of imminently falling off the world into some unknown void as you put a turn in on the convexity of the Flypaper as the snow and mountain vanish over the horizon in front of you!

It is still possible to ski well below the top of the Access Chair via various routes, but the snow line is around the 1700ft mark, so only about half way down the Chair is skiable. The snowfield beyond the Weasel extends a good bit lower than the complete cover in Weasel Gully now and it's not too far to walk over the heather to regain the track from it. However it is a reasonable walk now, so most have taken to the Access Chair for return to base and unless you are very familiar with terrain it's not a good idea to try this if its clogged in as you can end up several miles from the Carpark!
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