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Glencoe // Wednesday 13th December 2017
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Top third of the low level Red Access Run was in great shape, good until just below halfway, then combat, may improve with continuing snow showers.

Beginner Rope Tow area on the Plateau filling in for novices and Ski School.

Plateau Poma Run has improved with the overnight snow and today's showers and drifting.

The drifting is starting to fill in the slopes above the Plateau. Looking over to the Wall T-bar.

Mugs Alley filling in, more snow and drifting expected tonight.

Heavy drifting in the squally snow showers is forecast to continue overnight.

Old Mugs Alley was loading up with windblown powder all day, should groom out to be full width.

Old Mugs Alley now much improved, lots of wind lips forming for people to play on during Wednesday.

Can ski off the top of the Access Chair straight onto the Plateau Poma.

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Squally snow showers piled in through the day at Glencoe, giving spells of heavy driving snow with poor visibility and significant drifting. Total accumulation over the past 36 hours is around the 9 to 11 inch mark going by radar data, but increasingly it's not spread evenly and there was constant drifting taking snow into the fence lines and some of the upper mountain snowfields.

The open terrain on the Plateau has improved greatly and is now mostly full width between the fence lines with developing options outwith them. In between showers the wind lips and edges from the heavy drifting were providing fun on Old Mugs Alley, but there were periods of near total whiteout in the heavier squalls.

The NNM Mesoscale model shows clusters of snow showers streaming in overnight, perhaps 3-4 inches of new snow, but the mesoscale models indicate possible streamers so there could potentially be more.

Clusters of snow showers could merge together on Thursday to give more persistent spells of snow, so a further considerable top up is possible before the weather settles down for the weekend.

Hopefully at least some terrain further up will be possible by the weekend, but even if it is not all Plateau Runs should be in great shape and for the adventurous it is just possible to ski back to base, with the top half of the low level Red Access Run being fantastic this afternoon.
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