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Nevis Range // Wednesday 7th February 2018
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Linnhe provides easy access to mountain and good beginners area, Great Glen Chair was open for access to Rob Roy for those advancing from the Linnhe.

Wind officially ballistic - cornice building at the Goose drive!

Looking over the Goose T-bar at Tower 4 to the Quad. Absolutely brutal on the tows before an early end to play was called.

Looking up a wide Goose from the lee of the timing hut!

At the top of the Summit Tow, wind ratcheting up minute by minute.

Good depth on all the traverses back and for to/from the Goose.

Yockies in great shape with the new fencing, Alpha track as flat and easy as it gets.

Good cover on top 2/3rds of Linnhe where the snow guns have been at work, bit thin at the bottom but can ski over from Gondola hall. Lochy barred up and ready, but needs a snowfall with less wind!

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A promising start this morning after a very transient ridge of high pressure moved in overnight, but things changed quickly after the first few flurries started falling.

The weather seemed to come in faster and earlier than forecast, leading to an early close at Nevis and it was getting brutal on the tows prior to it being called. Lots of snow moving around and the drifting was increasingly making it difficult to see what was going on underfoot. The Goose was catching fresh, but on the groomer down the fenceline the angle of the wind was stripping it, leaving firmpacked and quite grippy snow, with occasional sudden drifts, while off the groomer was more fresh.

In the afternoon the Rabbit Run was getting a more uniform layer of fresh and was a very nice final run back to the Top Station as you could see a bit more!

There should be good areas of freshies on Thursday morning with more snow forecast tonight and less wind forecast for tomorrow, but just where will be best will have to be seen in the morning.

There is extensive wide cover further up the mountain, on the lower mountain the runs are fairly wide and generally in great shape back to the base of the Quad and Top of the Gondola. Lots of options for early intermediates lower mountain with long greens and easier blues off the Quad, Alpha and back and fore between the Alpha and Rob Roy. Good beginner areas by the Top Station, Rob Roy best for those moving on from Linnhe and Great Glen Chair running for easier access.
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