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The Lecht // Tuesday 12th December 2017
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Sun trying to break through at Lunchtime.

A939 North of the Lecht.

Heading down from the ski area.

Looking up the Falcon Poma and run.

Kestral Beginner Poma.

Grouse Poma and Run, beginner area in foreground.

Piste Basher heading back from grooming the Buzzard.


Looking over the bottom of the Grouse towards the Osprey Poma and Eagle Pomas.

Beginner area much improved with yesterdays snow.

Skiers heading back to the Snowy Owl Chairlift.

Snowy Owl Chairlift open, Grouse Poma if demand requires it.

Snowy Owl Run has full cover of groomed fresh snow fence to fence.

Looking up the Snowy Owl and the Grouse.

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Snow fell for almost the whole of Monday at the Lecht and while the visibility was consequently very poor then, much brighter overhead allowed the fresh snow to be enjoyed on Tuesday.

All runs have a full cover now between the fences with machine groomed packed powder snow giving fantastic early season conditions, the perfect snow for easing into the new season.

The beginner runs are now also in good condition with both magic carpets operating adjacent to the Base Lodge. Snowy Owl Chairlift on operation, Grouse Poma will run if demand requires additional uplift. During Wednesday it's planned to bring the Buzzard and Falcon on, the Buzzard was being pisted on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday will see snow showers coming through from the West, though there could be some cloud breaks between (precipitation will be focused on Western mountains), Thursday should be mostly dry before more frequent snow showers on Friday.

The snow shower should clear overnight to give a dry weekend with light winds and Sunny Spells under part cloudy skies. Looking like it should be a fantastic weekend at the Lecht.

A very unsettled forecast with dramatic thaw / freeze cycles and potentially deep storms next week towards the run up to Christmas - so get up and play this weekend if you can! Christmas shopping can wait a few days!
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