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Nevis Range // Friday 5th January 2018
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Looking over to the Goose T-bar drive from the Alpha.

View to top of Chair looking over the Goose. Wide general cover, but not a huge amount of drifting into gullies yet.

Looking back to the Top of the Gondola and the nursery slopes. Good beginners areas by Linnhe (and quick access to the rest of the mountain).

Good riding on the Alpha giving longer intermediate runs, also from Quad.

Powder all day long for those exploring (photo from Mark at Back Corries Facebook Page).

Looking up the Goose T-bar, good riding both sides. Most people are riding skiers left of the fence by the lower Goose Gully.

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Around 6 inches of fluffy light snow greeted the early arrivers at the Top of the Gondola on Friday, radar data indicates around 8" up top with ski patrol reporting drifts of close to half a metre on the Summit. These have been bashed out on the main fenced runs but those exploring found powder all day long.

There is now good riding from the Summit back to the Top of the Gondola (well technically the bottom of the Linnhe) giving just shy of 1900ft of lifted vertical. Away from the upper mountain not a huge amount of drifting into the natural snow fields yet, so the mountain has a general wide cover giving lots of options, but this also means there are natural hazards to look out for.

Good sport on offer for all ability levels, those just finding their ski or board legs will enjoy the beginner runs by the Cafe, while for the more advanced the Linnhe provides a quick way to the rest of the mountain. Off the Alpha Tow and Quad Chair there are good blue groomers for intermediates and the Quad Chair can munch large numbers without a queue.

Strong winds are forecast tonight, it will be blustery and very cold early Saturday and there is uncertainty how quickly the wind will die down so we advise keeping a close eye on the latest updates in the morning. Sunday looks like it should be bluebird with light winds from dawn after a very cold night in the glens, so snow should stay lovely and fresh.
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