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Glencoe // Sunday 29th April 2018
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The Plateau Poma uptrack still in decent shape for access. The overnight snow meant you could combat ski to the Access Chair.

Putting in a turn. Around 5-6 inches of snow fell yesterday evening.

Busy Access Chair looking out over Rannoch Moor.

Lots of people going through the the Bumhole at the bottom of the Canyon, no space for any oopses or its a cold bath!

Heading off Happy Valley into Etive Glades.

Getting some fresh tracks on Rankin's Return at the end of April.

Etive Glades was fantastic through the day, did get tracked up but not as choppy as Rannoch Glades.

Top leg of Mugs Alley from the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Main Basin was superb, deep fresh tracks early, then nice skier packed snow afternoon. Bumps quickly forming with the soft fresh snow.

Looking down the Etive Glades, take a right onto the top of the Wall, but beware sharks!

Wide and still deep Main Basin. Even the Haggis Trap is flat and brimming.

Moody and at times threatening cloud scapes, but it never came to anything with the shower cells becoming active only to the West.

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On Saturday afternoon towering shower clouds could be seen building around Meall a' Bhuiridh, the sky often looked threatening but nothing came of it until after the lifts closed. Then the heavens opened during the evening, but it was snow to well below the top of the Access Chair with 5-6 inches of new snow on the mountain.

Late April freshies across the mountain on Sunday, showers were building of the mountains around Rannoch Moor on Sunday in a very gentle NE breeze, but it stayed dry on Meall a' Bhuiridh, but not a short distance to the South and West! At dusk the sky was clear and that is how it is expected to remain through Monday, so high factor suncream and shades essential.

Despite the Sunshine and the fresh snow, things didn't get sticky though the fresh snow went through a fairly heavy going choppy phase before becoming more skier packed on the heavier trafficed areas. With clear skies and a frost due overnight the snow will be more spring like mid mountain, fun riding on the Wall and the Canyon for more experienced riders.

There has now been around 13 to 16 inches of new snow in total on the upper mountain since Tuesday, that means the summit path has filled in allowing skiers to reach Rannoch Glades, Spring Run and Flypaper on snow. All the upper runs except Etive Glades are fully complete and giving great late season riding. The middle third of Etive Glades is accessible from Happy Valley and was giving fantastic turns all day as it was little used compared to the rest of the mountain.

Mugs Alley is complete, but has some narrow sections, but easily passable for getting to the Cliffhanger Chair and Wall T-bar from the Plateau Poma. Old Mugs Alley is complete to the Plateau Cafe. The fresh snow yesterday evening meant Rankin's Return and the Plateau Run were both getting skied today, bit combat but doable most of the way! The Poma uptrack is fine for access.
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