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Glenshee // Thursday 12th April 2018
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Still all links together well through the middle valley, so no issues going to/from Meall Odhar and beyond.

Looking back to the Tiger from top of Sunnyside, can see the bumps building.

Sunnyside Poma green run full width fence to fence and good depth, couple of worn areas on centre blue between Poma and Chair.

Looking out Centre Gully to the A93 way below in the distance. Ignore the brown, there is still a huge expanse of snow on Glas Maol!

Skier on the Caenlochan Poma looking South.

Most runs retain good cover and still link together OK, but the calendar is starting to catch up with the South facing area. Butcharts Coire still good and Access Poma run OK.

The Home Run round the North ridge of Meall Odhar still deep cover fence to fence for a winding blue.

Looking down Tom Dearg to the Home Run from top of Meall Odhar.

Looking up the Meall Odhar red and the Caenlochan Poma.

Meall Odhar Poma has lots of fun lines to explore all over the hillside.

Going up the Glas Maol Poma, heed the ski patrol closure area as there is a risk of a deep seated or even full depth slide on the black!

Butchart's Coire, Butchart's Access and Carn Aosda from the Cairnwell Slaolm (outer RaceTrack) which still has full fence to fence cover.

Top of the Fionn Pomas.

Some thin bits beginning to appear on the fenced Fionn Poma red run, but huge cover in the bowl.

Next few days might be your last chance to ever ride the Cairnwell T-bar!

Sunnyside Poma uptracks still full as we approach the middle of April.

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This was a day for the Suncream and shades that wasn't really expected! A SE breeze bringing a blanket of grey clag in off the North Sea isn't a meteorological indication that Glenshee will have extensive Sunshine usually, but though you often could see the layer of gloom not too far to the South and East it stayed away with the Sun out much of the day and even when it hazed over a bit late afternoon the visibility remained good with the tops clear.

With the much milder and breezy conditions since last weekend the fact it is mid April is beginning to catch up with a few of the runs on Eastern and Southern aspects. However the vast bulk of the terrain is open, most fenced runs remain in decent condition and there is still extensive snow fields particularly on Western Aspects. That said the forecast is warm and windy all next week, so this really is a case of grap the opportunity while you can Friday or this weekend!

Working out from the road to the East everything still links together well up and down Sunnyside, through the middle Valley and up Meall Odhar. From where you can either directly access the Fionn Poma run off the Meall Odhar Poma or head into the bowl of Fionn Coire via the Caenlochan Poma.

There is still a big expansive playground on Glas Maol. It might be tempting to focus on the brown hillside, but the scale of Coire Fionn means there is a huge amount of snow to play on still.

Best snow this afternoon was to be found on Meall Odhar, there's lots of options to explore some fun lines around still off both the Caenlochan and Meall Odhar Pomas.

On the Cairnwell side Butchart's Coire and the Cairnwell Slalom were giving the best turns, Butchart's having surprisingly fast spring snow when one might have expected a sludgefest given the Southerly orientation of it! Can still ski out Tiger Gully to the cafe with care from the bottom of the Claybokie Poma.

For beginners take the Baddoch Chair up to the Claybokie Poma, the Dink Dink and Rope Tow are now closed.

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