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Glencoe // Sunday 28th January 2018
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Wide cover on Rankin's Return and lots of lines outside fences still on the Plateau.

Managed to get to here at around 1500ft with skis on - few minute walk down to Carpark.

Plateau Poma uptrack has good depth of cover giving an easy flat uptick.

Looking up Weasel Gully from around 1700ft.

Looking down the Blue Access Run from about 2000ft

Heading for Happy Valley in the mist.

Snow factory starting a new pile.

Happy Valley down onto the Wall was a good run today, but light very flat on top of hill.

New fence on the often troublesome section of Happy Valley just above the narrows has made a big difference.

No queues for the Main Basin T-bar today!

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After strong overnight winds and some snow showers, the freezing level rose quickly this morning but the wind lulled at the same time allowing Glencoe to open to the top.

Where there were accumulations of fresh snow it quickly became a bit slow and sticky, but where there was scoured hard snow it loosened up to nicer granular snow. Happy Valley down the Wall was pretty decent as there was a bit more gradient where the snow was soft.

Despite burns of milder weather this weekend all runs on the mountain remain complete, the snowpack is now saturated though so is going to set up very hard as temperatures drop back - but that will give a robust base for the snow forecast next week.

Temperature will drop back overnight and snow will fall to below the top of the Access Chair for a period with perhaps 2-3 inches of snow. On Monday a mix of snow showers and some brighter spells, the outlook is snow showers every day. A couple of very stormy spells on the card this coming week, but exact timing uncertain so whether the worst of the weather comes in during the day or night remains to be seen.

Total snow fall accumulation predictions for the coming 6 days is in the region of 30 to 70 cm depending which forecast model run you look at. Somewhere in the middle might be the most likely!
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