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Glencoe // Sunday 15th April 2018
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Still great options on the Plateau for learning with all the green trails open.

Bottom of Mugs Alley and the Cliffhanger looking to a rather busy Canyon, was one of the picks today.

Top leg of Mugs Alley from the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Coire Pollach Tow doing it's thing. Old Mugs Alley still in great shape, unfortunately the park line other side is suffering in the mild weather.

There's some great quite smooth spring snow around the Cliffhanger Crag for a short steep run. Just mind your head under the chair!

The Canyon was popular all weekend so some mellow bumps now forming.

Plateau Poma uptrack still brimming and run mostly in great shape, 1 very short narrow bit near the top.

Rankin's Return still has great cover. snow here was really fast crunchy spring snow.

Weasel Gully had the perfect smooth granular spring snow, worth every steep of the hoof back to the base down the track!

Looking down on the Cliffhanger Chair from Rannoch Glades.

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Brightened up through the mid morning period before it become more generally overcast again, though it kept clear of the top until mid afternoon. Showers expected to turn wintry Monday morning before easing away, moderate Southerly wind picking up later afternoon. If you are thinking of a slide in the next few days, then taking a chance with Monday looks the best option as mild, wet and windy conditions on Tuesday and probably still fairly blowy on Wednesday.

On Sunday all the runs on the mountain from the top of the Access Chairlift up were open and still all in great shape. With softer snow the likes of the Canyon has been a blast and it's been very popular all weekend, thus small bumps are now building. They are also beginning to form on the Spring Run.

The Cliffhanger Crag was good fun for a short but quite steep spring snow run. Below plenty were trying out the banked slalom course from Saturday and finding it's got quite a bite to it!

For now with good cover across all the marked runs and on much of the mountain beyond there is great spring snowsports for all ability levels and all uplift is scheduled for Monday. (Rannoch Button will run if and as required.)

However there will be a sustained and fairly rapid thaw through the mid-week period with well above average April temperatures accompanied by high winds, these could well affect uplift operations on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday so check for updates.

Early indications are for the wind to drop off, dry and bright overhead and fairly warm temperatures to end the week, so could be some spring T-shirt riding to come later in the week. The Plateau Poma retains deep cover on the uptrack so fingers crossed it can survive the hairdryer for at least another weekend.
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