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Glencoe // Saturday 31st March 2018
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Rider X course has been cut on the High Road giving a selection of berms and jumps.

Huge cover on Mugs Alley looking to the base of the middle lifts.

Glimpse of blue sky a precursor to a forecast Sunny start to April with all Plateau runs still brimming with snow.

Skiers on the fork of Old Mugs Alley to the Plateau Cafe and Access Return Run.

Rail in the Terrain Park which is situated on the Coire Pollach Run.

Rainbowl Rail in the Coire Pollach Terrain Park.

Looking over the Rock Garden to top lifts and the Main Basin from the path to the Spring Run.

Skiers on the Spring Run. Good on the groomed line, odd scrapped patch late on. Loose snow tending to pile up to skiers right.

Old Mugs Alley is in superb shape and being immaculately groomed, there probably isn't a better run for snowplough turners at the moment.

Free use of around 60 sledges at the Plateau Cafe Sledge Park.

Looking back to the East Ridge &Flypaper Bowl from one of several runout onto the Eastern Plateau shows why the new Plateau Triple will be transformational as to how this mountain can be ridden.

Main Basin below the Haggis Trap, not that there is much of a trap as it is absolutely filled to the brim.

Rannoch Button and Main Basin T-bar doing their thing, never more than a handful of people in front.

Cliffhanger Chairlift, mind your head passing under it in a few places!

View down Happy Valley, fantastic groomer for those up early. Etive Glades much more variable at the top, more spring like later lower down.

The Plateau Poma uptrack and runs are filled to the top of the fences for most of their length for the start of April on Sunday.

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After a misty start on the upper slopes, brighter periods increased through the afternoon on Saturday. With a bright & Sunny Easter Sunday forecast and even the Plateau runs still filled to the brim it looks like a superb start to April on Easter Sunday.

All runs are expected to be open and all have fantastic cover with all the green Plateau Trails in superb shape meaning there is excellent sport on offer whatever one's ability. Spoke to several people who had been around the areas this week and all were of the opinion that Glencoe was the clear leader for long greens to easier blues at present.

A mix of loose fresh snow on a firm to hard base at the top, with a more spring like looser base lower down. Will probably start firm underneath the fresh in the morning so first thing the groomers will be where to go for a warm up.

Main Basin, Happy Valley and the Spring Run being groomed on the upper mountain. Mid Mountain, Mugs Alley, the Wall Crossover, Bunny Run and High Road all getting the corduroy treatment. Every Plateau Run being groomed fence to fence, and wide grooming on the Low Road and Rankin's Return for which there are various lines onto from above. For a long green / easy blue grade route continue out from the top leg of Mugs Alley under the Spring Run following the blue poles out East and meandering down onto the Plateau.

Terrain Park has 2 boxes, a pipe jib, medium sized kicker, down-flat-down rail and a rainbow rail by the Coire Pollach Tow. There is a rider X course on the High Road (between Thrombosis and the Canyon).

Extensive snowfields remain well below the top of the Access Chair and for those determined to get the maximum vertical it's possible to ski to around 1500ft. Easiest option is the low level Blue Access Run and/or Weasel Gully, though plenty were doing the Red which is complete to below Carnage Corner but a short walk out onto the track is required from there. For advanced riders there is good cover in the Creag Dhubh Chute above the Darkside, but it might be harder with cooler temperatures.
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