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Glencoe // Sunday 1st April 2018
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Other options of descent are available.

Pondering next move on the East Ridge. Directly in the Sun loosened a bit, come round a bit more and stayed firm in cold temps.

Looking up the Spring Run.

Looking down the corner of Mugs Alley, pretty much go anywhere around here.

Plateau Poma and run brimmed with snow on the 1st day of April.

End of day sweet turns in Weasel Gully, then a 5-7minute walk down the track depending how combat you're prepared to go on before walking!

Looking over the Weasel Track to base area and busy carpark!

Glencoe has XC kit for hire and some groomed loops on West side of Plateau. (Note run away board being chased...)

Getting air of one of the Park Kickers by the Coire Pollach Tow.

Laying out a turn on Rankin's Return [Green trail].

Not just lots of people on the mountain, plenty above today to.

Sledge Park at the Plateau Cafe is in perfect shape for some Easter fun.

Looking back up Rankin's Return to the Flypaper Bowl and Spring Run.

Lots of options for all ability levels, can hit green, blue, red or black off the Cliffhanger Chair then meet up again at the bottom!

Cliffhanger Chairlift doing it's thing, XC loop in the distance.

Old Mugs Alley is absolutely perfect for perfecting those snowploughs.

View back to the East Ridge, Flypaper and Spring Run form out East of Rankin's Return.

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A simply epic Easter Sunday to start April at Glencoe with all uplift open, all mountain runs open and absolutely fantastic snow sports whether first day learner or after the steeps of the East Ridge.

Now we'd love to tell you Monday is going to be a repeat, sadly it isn't so straight forward... However early indications are Thursday could be a cracker, so keep an eye on how that develops.

For Monday winds will increase through day but timing uncertain to some extent though it is expected to be a bright morning with it probably staying dry for the bulk of lift operating hours. The lightest winds will be in the morning, so the best of the weather will be first thing thus taking the gamble could pay big dividends if Monday begins like Sunday finished with a largely blue sky dusk this evening.

There are extensive snowfields extending well below the Top of the Access and up on the mountain much of the mid mountain and Plateau is ride anywhere with the named trails having become something of an irrelevance.

Cover is wide and deep across the mountain, surface conditions are varying with time of day to an extent as colder temperatures are keeping the fresh layer fairly fresh, but also non sunlit aspects firmer off the grooming. Careful selection of pitch and aspect will provide some very sweet turns on spring snow off the groomers.

Main Basin, Happy Valley and Spring Run being groomed upper mountain. Mugs Alley, High Road and Wall Crossover mid-mountain, plus all Plateau Green trails being extensively groomed every morning pre opening.

Still possible to ride about 2/3rds of the way to the Carpark via the Blue / Weasel Gully or 3/4 via the low level Red Access Run. Later saw quite a bit of action today, but the former though is an absolute delight down Weasel Gully and well worth the short hoof out the track to the base.
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