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Glencoe // Sunday 4th February 2018
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Lots of options off the side of the Spring Run. Off the prepared runs is variable, but some lovely snow to be found but some scoured areas also.

Looking down over Rankin's Return to Rannoch Moor from the top leg of Mugs Alley.

Top leg of Mugs Alley from the Cliffhanger Chair.

Looking down on the triangle of Plateau greens formed by the Poma and Coire Pollach Tow.

Looking up to the Flypaper and East Ridge. Fly closed - considerable avalanche risk. Some good lines further out, ask patrol.

On busy days stay late - this was the queue for the Wall T-bar the last hour!

Looking North from the top of the Wall T-bar.

Coire Pollach Tow doing its thing later in the afternoon as the shadow from Meall a' Bhuiridh grows longer.

Good cover on on all Plateau runs giving lots of well connected options for early intermediates advancing from the novice slopes.

Lot of people were doing full laps from top out Rankin's Return back to the Poma.

Rankin's Return is a wide cruiser and proving very popular at the moment.

Top third of the low level Red Access run - top half is in great shape, it's borderline between combat and non existent third 1/4. Blue / Weasel Gully and walk 5 mins down track is better.

Snow Factory pile growing as dusk comes in just after 5pm.

Good cover on all connections around the Plateau and to/from mid mountain lifts.

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A beautiful Sunday with blue skies and next to no wind on the slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh. With a combination of yesterdays sport and the forecast of a Bluebird Friday and Sunday, it was a busy Sunday after a lull on Saturday. People have clearly been checking the forecasts!

This evening it's a chilly one under a stary sky so a possibility inversion conditions may setup during the night, but it should be a dry and bright Monday morning up on the hill, though Sunny Spells are expected to fade as cloud builds during the afternoon ahead of approaching frontal snow expected through the evening into the overnight period Monday into Tuesday.

With the heavy rider traffic over the past 3 days the snow is getting more packed, but it's grooming up fantastically into machine groomed dry winter snow with excellent corduroy for the early birds to lay out some carves on! Off the groomers mix of skier and wind packed snow, still some pockets off looser stuff if you go exploring but also some areas of hard icy crust where scoured in the strong NW wind during the early hours of Friday.

All runs are complete with good cover and compacted base and everything links together nicely on the hill. It is possible to ski to 1600ft via the Blue Access Run / Weasel Gully then walk out (around 5-7mins) to the Carpark via the hill track. People are still doing the fenced Red Access run, top half is in great shape, but the third 1/4 around 'Carnage Corner' is towards the brutal end of combat and it's not particularly nice ground to try and walk down either.

It would not take much more snow to make the low level Access Run good all the way down to the moor so fingers crossed as it's a cold and unsettled week ahead with bands of snow set to come in from the West. Light to moderate winds the next few days.
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