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Glencoe // Tuesday 13th March 2018
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Top of the Red Access Run, easiest route is top third of this, then cut right onto the Weasel to the Blue. Red complete to base.

Looking over Thrombosis to a very well covered Cliffhanger Crag.

Looking over the Poma to the bottom of the Wall.

Decent turnout for a week day but no queues. All uplift open (Rannoch Button running as required).

View up the Spring Run.

Ski Tow Gully from outside the Rescue Station.

Main Basin being groomed to many machines wide every morning. The early birds get the corduroy worm!

The not often skiable Rock Garden in great shape to skiers right of the top tows.

Meall a' Bhuiridh in fantastic shape as seen from the Plateau Poma. All Plateau green runs being extensively groomed prior to opening.

Wall being groomed when the snow is firm, off the groomers softening up by day.

Flypaper Bowl and East Ridge giving fantastic steep turns for experts when the snow loosens up, speak to patrol for the latest.

Red Access Run remains complete to base, a few worn bits below Carnage Corner but top 3/4 in great shape given the low elevation.

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After a firm start on Tuesday morning off the groomers the snow loosened up into more granular snow to give great snow sports for all abilities all across the mountain.

Snow firmed up when the Sun went away and a snow shower came through late afternoon. Munro level temps expected to creep above freezing on Wednesday, so snow may loosen up to the top, but some exploring required to find the best ungroomed slopes as these likely to change not just day to day but through the day.

Main Basin and Happy Valley being groomed each morning as are all the Plateau level green runs, so there is fantastic sliding for every ability level on offer at Glencoe presently. Named runs are somewhat meaningless mid and lower mountain as it's basically ride anywhere. The Wall mid mountain is being part groomed when the snow is hard packed AM.

Rock Garden to skiers right of top tows (moderate) and East ridge (steep) giving some great off-piste for advanced riders Tuesday once snow loosened up.

Summit to Moor riding still possible giving 2400ft of vertical with the low level Red Access Run still complete to base at just 1200ft with some help from the snow factory low down. Blue Access Run is easier (best access from top third of the red, follow blue poles with a sharp right turn onto the Weasel Track). Either a couple of hundred yards walking or a diversion onto the Red Bike Track needed past the trees at the bottom of the Blue, but a lot more fun than taking the Chair down!
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