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Glencoe // Tuesday 13th February 2018
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The expanse of flat snow in front of the Rescue Station is expanding, can no go round the Canyon side of the Rannoch Button drive.

Looking up the Wall T-bar, fantastic options all around mid-mountain now.

Old Mugs Alley as wide as it can physically get, was a big cornice to bash out at the bottom this morning.

Great snow in Weasel Gully out onto the hill track which is skiable to the Access Chair (follow Blue Access Run line on map).

Stacks of wind blown and wind packed fresh in Weasel Gully on the low level Blue Access Run.

Looking over to Creag Dhubh from the Weasel / Blue Access Run.

Carnage Corner on start of the bottom third of the low level Red Access Run not so carnage today. Good riding Summit to moor.

Loads of windblown and wind packed fresh on the front face either side of the Access Chair (this is the upper part of the Red fence line).

Most lifts had fairly short queues, the Access Chair and Top was often ride on, but the Plateau Poma was by far the busiest.

Heading for the Red Access Run from the Top of the Access.

Looking across the busy carpark to the Darkside and the summit of Creag Dhubh.

Looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh from below the Access Chair top station, under moody skies as the wind picked up late afternoon heralding a change in the weather.

With the heavy snow and lots of drifting last night there are lots of fun wee lines to explore off the Access Chair back to just 1200ft (365m).

If you have the kit, camping is free at Glencoe during the snowsports season.

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There has been around a foot of snowfall in the past 36 hours on Meall a' Bhuiridh, and after a brief less cold blip that raised the snow level to a bit above the carpark overnight, it then absolutely chucked it down through pre-dawn into the period up to lift opening time.

This was accompanied overnight by a period of Severe Gales, but the wind fell light at Glencoe pre dawn. There has been lots of drifting and deep stashes of fresh snow could be found all over the mountain, with decent riding now possible all the way to the base of the Access Chair at just 1200ft.

All runs up on the mountain are in fantastic shape, but the Flypaper Bowl and the East Ridge area are very closed with a high avalanche risk. Areas of slab was sluffing even on moderate slopes below 2000ft on similar aspects.

The triangle of green runs served by the Plateau Poma, Rope Tow and Coire Pollach Tow all have a wide and deep cover of machine packed powder, so there are superb conditions for first timers to advanced riders on offer.

The fenced low level Red Access Run is epic for the first 2/3rds, snow then becomes firm packed on the bottom third but even around Carnage Corner was OK today. It is quite a challenging red, but for such a low altitude it was in good nick.

The Blue Access route is doable via a combination of Weasel Gully and the new track, which has skier packed snow from the foot of the Weasel Gully back to the Carpark.

Unfortunately this is probably all academic for Wednesday as a very stormy day is in prospect across the Highland mountains. It's not an absolute certain write off though, as if the wind is directly from the SE the expanse of Rannoch Moor can take the sting out of the wind. But exact direction and speed becomes critical, so certainly check in the morning. If the AWS at the bottom of the Access Chair is showing regular gusts above 50mph, then stay in bed until you here otherwise from Glencoe!
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