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The Lecht // Tuesday 27th February 2018
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Looking up the outer Eagle Run.

Piste Bashers were working the Falcon and the Harrier Black on Tuesday afternoon.

Looking up the Grouse Poma.

The Strathdon side of the Grouse Poma. All runs full width with groomed fresh snow on a pisted firm base.

Looking down on the beginner area, was being kept fresh with the Snowfactory but now topped up with 5-6cm new snow.

Piles of snow from the Snowfactory being stored to push out as required on the nursery slopes and links around the base area.

View over to the Buzzard from the Grouse Poma. Full width between the fences.

View from the Cafe, which is why it's great for first timers, everything is just seconds from the nursery slopes.

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A mix of sunny spells and snow showers as the Beast from the East begun to build at the Lecht on Tuesday. Already a couple of inches of new snow which helped the fenced runs groom up nicely with any remaining hard and icy patches taken care of by the pisting team.

All runs are complete and thanks to extensive pisting work last week after the brief mild spell all are full width between the fences. The beginner area adjacent to the cafe is in great shape with the Snowfactory running continuously to stockpile snow to freshen up the surfaces as needed, given the forecast hopefully the stockpiles will grow and not be needed for a while!

Temperatures have continued to drop through the evening and will drop further Wednesday morning. With the very cold air aloft passing over the slightly warmer than average North Sea there could be some meteorological fireworks in the East Highlands! Just how much snow will fall and where is something of a wait and see game, but with Easterly Gales which would affect uplift regardless of overhead and heavy and frequent snow showers forecast on a wind direction that is particularly unfavourable for the A939 the Lecht will be closed on Wednesday.

Snow showers and strong winds look set to continue the rest of the week, but the Easterly direction will drive snow across many of the fence lines at the Lecht, so the already good cover between the fences should build considerably over the coming days and when the weather eases there should be some fantastic groomed packed powder sliding on offer.
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