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Glencoe // Monday 2nd April 2018
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It was cold last night... Waterfall under the Access Chair refreezing.

Empty mid-mountain as people stuck to the upper mountain or Plateau which were less exposed to the East wind.

Happy Valley gave the appearance that it might be getting scoured but it was actually fantastic and stayed uniformly good through day.

Very chilly for April so wrap up for full winter conditions for sledging in the next few days!

Quite bright at times with it clear to the top after early hill mist lifted off the Summit. Coire Pollach Tow superb for green terrain.

Main Basin was catching windblown loose all day and was a fantastic run, also much more comfortable ride up than the Wall Tow!

Plateau Poma and run like all the Plateau runs brimming with snow and superb green groomers.

No-one was t-shirt skiing today!

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Winter was definitely back on Monday, a biting Easterly wind and refreezing waterfalls under the Access Chairlift. It did however stay dry during lift operating hours and after some early hill mist burnt off (or blew off) the top it was clear to the summit.

The Easterly wind was especially making it's presence felt mid-mountain and the Cliffhanger Chair was soon off for the day and going up the Wall T-bar was not very pleasant, which meant the majority picked the upper mountain or the Plateau and stayed there leaving the mid mountain empty. That rather made it worth braving the ride up the Wall T-bar occasionally for the sweet groomer on the Wall Crossover!

Up top the Main Basin was catching windblown loose all day so kept getting refreshed and Happy Valley was also excellent. Etive Glades much more variable with scoured hardpack and deeper loose areas, Rannoch Glades was hard and rattly.

There is superb terrain for early intermediates and those advancing from the novice slopes all across the Plateau so excellent riding to be had whatever your ability.

It is still possible to ride about 2/3rds of the way down the Access Chair, beyond Weasel Gully there are a couple of fingers of snow that go down to around 1350ft, but that requires a slightly longer and initially rougher walk until you pop back onto the lower section of the track. Most that came down were doing the fenced Red Access as far as possible, then hoofing out onto the track below Carnage Corner. With it snowing to base depending just what the snow level does over the next 48 hours maybe just maybe a chance the Red will be fully skiable in April!
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