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Glencoe // Saturday 24th March 2018
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Camping is free at Glencoe during the snowsports season. Tents tonight from wee 1 person to a tunnel that could sleep 20!

Absolutely perfect granular spring snow heading from the blue Access Run into Weasel Gully - head far out East on Plateau.

Top 2/rds of low level Red Access Run still good, but broken bottom third but still seeing a fair bit of traffic. Blue and short walk easier.

Beautiful spring snow in Weasel Gully, then section of the Blue Access Track, back into Weasel Gully and just a few mins hoof to carpark.

Far out East on the Plateau down the Blue Access Run and Weasel Gully around 1000 vertical feet of sublime spring snow.

The Haggis Trap is rather full in the Main Basin.

Beefy convective snow shower coming through on Rankin's Return.

Andy about to drop into Radio Gully on the East Ridge.

East Ridge loosened up in the Sun, but firmer where not directly sunlit above the Rescue Station today. Great spring snow below.

Fantastic sledging at the Plateau Cafe Sledge Park and the sledges are free to use, just buy a chairlift ticket to get up.

Snowman guarding the sledging slope, looking to the Wall and Canyon behind.

Happy Valley giving great groomed snow on a firm base. Off groomers firm but grippy at the top.

Looking over the top tows down the Main Basin from the Rock Garden. MB was catching loose snow on the wind through the day.

The queue for the Top Tows most of the day, basically ride on with only the Plateau Poma having an occasional small wait.

Looking down a wide and deep Mugs Alley.

Old Mugs Alley has superb cover, there is something of a gully between these fences and it is flat across.

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Diurnal thaw/freeze cycling away from the top is giving a crunchy start very first thing off the groomers, but soon the Plateau and then mid-mountain runs loosened up to superb granular spring snow.

The Plateau area is a huge interconnected playground for those looking for mellow terrain there is a great selection of lengthy green groomers with pretty much hero snow conditions today.

Lots of fun lines to be had mid mountain as the snow loosened up. First thing the groomers were the pick, with all the Plateau greens pisted in the morning, along with Mugs Alley and the High Road mid mountain and the Main Basin and Happy Valley up top.

Snow loosened up on the East Ridge and Spring Run, but further round it stayed firm but grippy off the upper groomers. Main Basin was catching windblown loose snow through the day, though the odd slick patch developed late on.

Plenty of people still refusing to take the chairlift down at the end of the day, the top 2/rds of the low level Red Access still decent, but the bottom third is patchy though with some creative heather hoping some were getting all the way down without unclipping!

However the unquestionable best turns of the day were to be found way out Far East on the Plateau for the full length of the Blue Access Run which heads out beyond Rankin's Return, from the top of the Poma elevation there was 1000 vertical feed of simply sublime granular spring snow with a light dusting of fresh on top. Going this way there is fantastic snow to 1500ft and its possible to get just below the old corner of the red bike track which leaves around 3-4mins hoof to the carpark. Worth every step for simply perfect spring snow this afternoon.

Also don't forget there is fantastic sledging at the Plateau Cafe, with around 50 free to use sledges in the wooden bunker by the cafe.
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