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Glencoe // Monday 12th February 2018
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Plateau Poma was the busiest tow today, around 5-7 mins wait mid afternoon, Coire Pollach was busy, but people finding it easier to use kept it going smooth

Rankin's Return was proving popular with fantastic snow and better visibility than up top.

Sledging area in fantastic condition.

Plateau Poma Run in great shape. Plumes of snow blowing off the hill onto the Flypaper and East Ridge - High Avalanche risk there!

Lots of options on the Cliffhanger Crag for experts.

Looking up the corner of Mugs Alley.

Taking a high route to Rankin's Return, follow the blue poles from the top leg of Mugs Alley.

Dry slope has a good covering of snow, plus beginner area at top of carpark for lessons if it's wild up the hill.

Looking up the low level Red Access Run, mostly good, but still tricky at Carnage Corner!

End of a good but very blustery day at Glencoe.

Now enough snow built up at the Rescue Station to go round the bottom of the Rannoch Button - that's a lot of snow!

Looking up Old Mugs Alley and the Coire Pollach Tow, fantastic for early intermediates.

Snow depth really building in Ski Tow Gully with the heavy drifting and a lot more snow / drifting to come.

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Another blustery day with the wind ratcheting up in and around the heavy snow showers, this kept the Cliffhanger Chair off but access to the top tows was possible all day via the Wall T-bar.

With constant heavy drifting on the upper mountain, there was fresh tracks to be had throughout the day and the Main Basin T-bar was ride straight on for much of the time with may sticking to the Plateau. Rannoch Glades had caught a lot of fresh, as had the Wall mid-mountain. For easier terrain Rankin's Return was the winner today.

All runs on the mountain have excellent cover now, depth continues to build where snow fences are still exposed and in the natural gullies and snowfields on the mountain. Good cover extends well below the Top of the Access.

The top half of the low level Red Access Run is in fantastic shape. Bottom 1/4 is fine also, it's the section in between round Carnage Corner that is still tricky with a thin and narrow cover.

Significant snow and period of Severe Gales is due to arrive through the early hours of Tuesday. The wind is expected to moderate around or soon after dawn in the West, but there could be quite a bit of storm recovery work required, so advisable to check in the morning in case of any delays. If the forecast holds, then by late morning a fairly bright day with Sunny Spells and light to moderate winds - so a fantastic afternoon looks on the cards.
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