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Glencoe // Saturday 21st April 2018
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Cliffhanger Chair doing it's thing, still some lines on the Cliffhanger Crag.

Skier in the Canyon which has been a blast with fast granular spring snow and bumps starting to form.

Old Mugs Alley heading for the Coire Pollach Tow.

Laying out some spring turns in the Canyon.

Looking up the Coire Pollach Tow. Old Mugs Alley still decent for snowplough turners.

Raising a glass to a fantastic day of spring snow sports.

Top of the Spring Run, walk now required along summit path but well worth it as can still get a full length lap in.

Can still ski off the chair onto the Plateau Poma which is pretty good going for last third of April.

Ending the day on the Spring Run.

Looking up Happy Valley to the bumps course for the Mogul Academy.

Sledge Park still in good shape for some sledging fun.

Mugs Alley still fully complete to the foot of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Looking up to Ski Tow Gully and the Main Basin.

Plateau Poma uptrack still in decent shape with a wide and level track, so as easy to ride as it gets.

Skiers about to drop into Radio Gully as seen from the Access Chair.

Plateau Poma Run now narrow, but still complete for access to / from rest of the area. Old Mugs Alley much better for snowplough turners.

Top of the Main Basin looking along the cat-track to Happy Valley.

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A cracking spring day with good granular spring snow and still the full on mountain vertical of 1400ft back to the top of the Access Chair.

Plenty of terrain for all ability levels still with the complete spectrum from Old Mugs Alley (green) for snowplough turners to the Flypaper. With good granular spring snow it was a great day for the steeps, with the Canyon being an absolute blast and the East Ridge area seeing a fair bit of action today as well.

Despite the sustained thaw over the past week most runs remain complete on the mountain, but walking is required to get from the top tows to the Spring Run, Flypaper and East Ridge. Main Basin and Happy Valley still in great shape for confident intermediates.

The Plateau Poma is still running, but the run is now narrow though still complete. For green run terrain Old Mugs Alley is the best option from the Coire Pollach Tow, Mugs Alley of the Cliffhanger Chair is still in decent shape but is slightly more challenging.

The Plateau Cafe Sledge Park is still in good shape with over 50 sledges available for use at the cafe.
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