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Glencoe // Friday 23rd February 2018
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Top of the Main Basin T-bar. Main Basin and Happy Valley being pisted each morning.

Several rails, rollers and small kickers by the Coire Pollach Tow. Rail Jam on Saturday.

Looking up the run out from the Low Road and Rankin's Return.

Looking down Rankin's Return which has wide groomed cover.

The Spring Run has been pisted by the winch cat with a layer of loose groomed snow.

Old Mugs Alley down to the Plateau Cafe.

The Blue Access Run is groomed, but requires 150m walking past the trees at the bottom. Def the better option than the Red!

Fantastic cover for early intermediates on Old Mugs Alley from the Coire Pollach Tow.

Deep snow at the top of the Access Chair.

Fantastic fast sledging.

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Early mist around the upper mountain burnt off to give a bright and Sunny afternoon, but the snow did not soften in the Sun with the colder and drier air.

What was groomed was pretty good, but off the groomers it is getting rather glacial ! As such the Spring Run has been pisted by the winch cat after some work to get the Piste Bashers into the top of it. A significant amount of snow was pushed down to cover the rock outcrop that narrows the lower Spring Run so it's now a more constant width out onto Mugs Alley.

Main Basin and Happy Valley are being groomed each morning, the Plateau greens and Mugs Alley are also all being groomed.

It is possible to ski to base via the low level Red Access Run, but it is particularly icy and not advisable. The Blue Access Run has been groomed and is in much better condition, but is broken for a 150m near the bottom where walking down the hill track is required. Worth it at the end of the day or coming down for lunch at the base and definitely worth the short hoof over trying the Red (or you could just take the Access Chair down).
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