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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 25th March 2015
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Cas Gunbarrel is flat and easy going.

if not for the T40s and new snow fencing the Zig Zags would probably not exist, but they do are still in reasonable shape.

Cas at the top of the Gunbarrel & 105 merge / Zig Zag split. Deep cover as shown by the tow tower!

Looking down the mid-cas, loads of snow in the boulderfield with a kicker and roller present.

Boarder hits a pipe jib in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Going up the Ciste Tow, Bowl was fantastic. Fairway also full width.

Piste Basher heading onto the Ptarmigan Traverse from the top of the Ciste T-bar.

Top of the M1 Poma, uptrack ropey, but should improve with forecast snow.

Upper Cas well filled. West might be best for better skiers and boarders, but Coire Cas could well be the last tow standing later in spring.

Fiacaill Sideslope best way to Daylodge level, access from top of Cas Tow via Fiacaill Traverse & Fiacaill Crossover. Carpark Run hackable with care!

Looking down the Cas Gunbarrel to the patchy but passable Carpark Run.

Rails in the Ptarmigan Park. Marquis Well Half Pipe above the T-bar has been open.

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A fine and quiet afternoon on CairnGorm, it's something of a case of quality over quantity on the 'Gorm at present, but for green and blue terrain it's the pick of the open areas and if the weather is good the Top is great for learning.

Indeed if you are not familiar with the mountain the view from just South of Aviemore is probably pretty hard to relate to the actual snowsports on offer in the Top Basin and on the Coire Cas run itself. The Top Basin Runs are all in great shape, with full cover across the Ptarmigan Bowl providing excellent beginner areas when the wind is behaving!

Mid-mountain the White Lady is complete through the skirt back to the M1 Poma and the Mid-Station, link to mid-station is better if you see the train coming! Access is best from the Traverse / M1 Split, cut right across the Poma uptrack here through the gaps in the fence. Lady has reasonable cover, but never that wide, but is being well pisted each evening by the winchcat.

The Traverse is fine, with all the options for linking onto the Cas Run which has a fairly wide and deep cover extending out into the Cas Boulderfield. Gunbarrel is pretty flat and easy going if the snow is fresh or soft, but if you wish to avoid the Zig Zags are in decent shape thanks to the combination of the snowguns and the new fencing, without these there would probably be no snow away from the top leg.

It's possible to ride to Daylodge Level, the official route is via the Fiacaill Side Slope (skiers right of the Ridge Poma) and this is accessed from the top of the Cas T-bar via the Fiacaill Traverse and Fiacaill Crossover. It is possible to get down the Carpark Run with care, best option will depend on where any new snow has stuck and what patching has been done to the uptrack.
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