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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 12th February 2015
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The former Cas Bar after 'refurbishment'.

'A chic and contemporary' retail experience.

Meanwhile outside the sign says Cas Bar and no where outside is there signage to say the restaurant on Level 2 is open! (MI5 will be on to me for letting the secret about the T-bar, sorry 'Storehouse'.

Outside the Top Station at the big Piste Map. Stayed sunny all day.

M1 is quite thin particularly in the middle of the run, better at each side so look out for rocks - but was good when the Sun was on it.

Horizon Road link from the M1 to Cas, this was better than the somewhat scrapped lower M1.

From the M1 link looking over the upper Gunbarrel to Zig Zags, but the lower 105 was fantastic soft pisted snow and no-one else using it hardly!

Looking back up the White Lady from round the corner of the Home Road. Home Road mostly good, but thin at the funicular underpass at the bottom.

Carpark Runs reasonable width, but quite thin so a few worn bits appearing. Direct route via T-bar low down blocked off, so everyone funnelled to the right.

Top leg of the Zig Zags looking to the M1 and beyond the Funicular the White Lady.

2nd leg of the Zig Zags, a decent spell of snow making before the inversion kicked in made a real improvement to the lower 3 legs of the Zig Zags.

Top Basin runs have wide and deep cover, surface conditions much fresher on the groomers up here.

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A few phone photos from shuttling computer stuff between the webcams today, so sadly not any of the Ciste side of the mountain today.

Surface conditions range from great in the Top Basin on the groomers to pretty horrible in a few locations where it's thinner, hardpacked and polished. Top corner of the Traverse was catching a few out, and the approaches to the Carpark Tow and Fiacaill Ridge Poma were pretty bullet proof. Mid mountain things varied with amount of traffic, recent grooming and what aspect was getting the Sun.

Thus though a bit thin with quite a few rocks to beware off the M1 was good in the afternoon as it was catching a bit more Sun, the best route on the middle mountain in the afternoon was the upper M1 RaceTrack, out onto the 105 then down the lower 105 which softened up in the Sun having been recently groomed and hardly saw a soul!

Lower slopes are hardpacked and have some thin/worn bits but have a decent width of cover. Daylodge softened up in the Sun, but is likely to be quite slick on Friday. There is certainly the snow to get to the Ciste Carpark via the Laogh Mor Return and the Aonach Ridge, but surface conditions will likely be pretty hard going with refrozen hard surfaces tomorrow.

Oh and at £4.50 a pop is it unreasonable to expect to get the soup that is actually on the Menu and you asked for in the Daylodge? All hot drinks now come in paper cups, the serving area is even smaller than was the case in the Cas Bar and if late this afternoon is anything to go by - its significantly slower at churning out hot drinks. Bringing a packed lunch and a flask for half term or busy weekends is not a bad shout!
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