pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 16th December 2014
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H11lly get's a last run as the light fades away on the Traverse.

Funicular load of skiers outside the Top Station getting ready to head down CairnGorm.

Pisting the newly re-fenced Ptarmigan Traverse - look to be doing the trick nicely.

Looking up from the Daylodge, the mountain is very wind scoured looking. Lady was best avoided today!

Coire Cas was good with nice dry pisted snow, the boulder field had some lovely loose snow providing you didn't get on the crest of it.

Heading down the Traverse towards the Upper Cas. Top of the Traverse has improved from Saturday.

Looking over the Cas T-bar to the Fiacaill where lots of lines were being done with some good fresh snow accumulations to be found.

Traverse is in decent shape even if not much depth at the top and bottom, nicely pisted.

Top Station early afternoon. Fairly light winds, got colder through the afternoon, before warm front approached.

Looking up the Aonach Ridge from the Ciste Carpark, saw people skin up here onto the M2. Probably very variable conditions, but good cover.

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A fine Tuesday, good sunny spells in the morning gave way to a high level haze in the afternoon ahead of an approaching warm front, which gave several hours of heavy snow fall on the hills.

Snow level was locally variable as the milder air pushed over colder air at the surface. This was noticeable on the A9 where snow was lying around the Carrbridge turnoff this evening, but the top of the Slochd Dual Carriageway was black. Behind the back edge of the warm front, temperatures will rise further with a double nested warm front. There will be marked variation of temperature from the North to the South over the British Isles so some Scottish Mountains could be freezing or below while ones South of the divide will be above freezing.

This means surface conditions could be a bit unpredictable on Wednesday, probably fairly soft snow, but things could firm up if the colder air comes in quicker.

Both the Ciste and Ptarmigan T-bars are scheduled to make their season debut on Wednesday if the wind permits, but it's looking pretty blowy particularly early in the morning. Top Basin runs are in good shape with the Fairway fence to fence and the Ptarmigan Traverse several machines wide thanks to the new fencing.

Top to Daylodge riding, though a couple of thin spots on the Zig Zag corners and on the lower slopes. Home Road was OK though, probably Carpark T-bar track then over to Burnside was the best line down the Carpark Runs themselves. Hopefully more snow has been gained through the evening than might be lost in the milder temps later in the night into Wed morning.
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