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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 30th December 2014
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Getting the last couple of runs in on a relatively queue free Ciste T-bar after Sun down.

Looking up a wide Ciste Fairway and Bowl late afternoon. Top Basin in great shape, but crazy busy till late afternoon.

View down the Ciste Bowl to Meall a' Bhuachaille, wide cover right to the T-bar fences.

Ptarmigan Tow queue dissipated around 3pm, pays to stay till the end on very busy days!

Upper Coire Cas also has a good wide cover, great snow on the groomers both on the main run and in the boulderfield.

Cas become busier as more people filtered down the Traverse, but never as hectic as the Top Basin.

Chicken Gully then down the bottom section of the Gunbarrel was by far the best way to mid-station avoiding Zig Zags.

Outside the Top Station looking along the Traverse fence line.

Heading for the Base Station via the Fiacaill Ridge, snow was very slow and sticky here much of the day in the milder temps.

The Zig Zags are zagging... really best avoided, Chicken Gully and lower Gunbarrel was much more preferable.

Tube rail in the Cas Shred.

Selection of Boxes and Rails in the Cas Shred situated on the Cas Boulderfield.

Ptarmigan Traverse has a much wider cover than it would have had with the old fences given the strength of Westerlies in December.

Misty at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow first thing, but it brightened up.

Boarder launches over the tyre jib on Coire Cas.

Combat descents of the Carpark Runs were an easier ski than the Fiacaill today given the very sticky snow on the Ridge.

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The last of the fine days from a week of high pressure on Tuesday before the wind picks up on Wednesday as our high pressure slips away to the South East.

It was a bit milder and windier overnight than expected and the top of the hill was in the mist and skies were grey first thing, giving a feeling that the weather had come in quicker than expected. However the wind eased back a bit and overhead brightened up considerably to give another decent weather day on the mountain.

By all accounts somewhat less manic than the weekend and Monday, but while Coire Cas was an oasis of relative calm, the Top Basin was seriously busy and before 10am the Ciste T-bar queue was backing up onto the Fairway.

One has to ask why the West Wall Poma hasn't run this past week to ease things a bit on the Ciste T-bar, of course it would be much easier to get staff into the base of the Poma to do this if at least one of the Chairs were functional.

Cover and surface conditions in the Top Basin were very good, upper Cas was also good. Where heavily skied on and regularly groomed over the past week the snow pisted up beautifully in the milder temperatures this morning. However on the less trafficked areas where the new snow was thawing for the first time it was very slow and sticky, this was particularly noticeable on the Fiacaill Ridge. Good skiers and boarders can return to the Daylodge level via the Fiacaill Ridge, but it's posted as unmarked / unpatrolled. Because of the sticky snow on the ridge, the Carpark Run saw quite a lot of traffic on Tuesday - classic combat riding, be careful!

Much stronger winds and fluctuating temperatures over the rest of the week, please check direct with the areas in the morning for the latest lift situation.
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