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Glencoe // Thursday 29th January 2015
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Plateau in good shape with nice smooth pisted packed powder for easy turns.

Full cover on the dry slope behind the cafe, so if wild beginner lessons can go ahead down here in relative shelter.

Cleared up nicely in the afternoon, Spring Run (above Poma) was in superb condition for advanced riders.

About half way down the low level Access Run. Fantastic wind packed fresh here.

3/4 of Red fenced Access Run good, this is just above the final corner, approach to chair thin/narrow but passable.

Deep drifted snow on the fenced Red Access Run. Black side of mountain river also seeing turns today.

Not so much the Low Road as the Low Motorway today. Machine packed powder hero snow.

Blustery at times, so regular fresh tracks through the day. Should be more windblown fresh tracks all over the hill on Friday.

Lower runouts of Little Rannoch looked worth exploring, didn't get the chance sadly, but saw tracks late on.

Looking down on the junction between glens and moor from Happy Valley.

The Wall was one of the sweet spots that caught a ton of fresh in the NW'ly drifting last night.

Brightening up after a shower at the top of the Main Basin T-bar. Main Basin good blue cruising, Haggis Trap is a motorway now!

Sporting cornice lip building in the Canyon.

Mugs Alley great for more confident green run riders advancing from the Plateau. Thrombosis beyond is loaded.

Brightening up after a heavy snow shower in the morning.

Overnight dumpage at all levels. 8-10 inches of new snow on the mountain, with much deeper windblown stashes.

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Heavy snowfall set in late Wednesday evening delivering 8-10 inches of fresh snow on the mountain and fresh tracks on offer from the Summit to the Carpark on the edge of Rannoch Moor, meaning 2400ft of vertical remains on offer.

Windblown powder statshes were even deeper on the Main Basin, Wall and Spring Run, and there was enough drifting to keep things fairly fresh through the day and it should largely be a blank canvas in the morning, so come and produce some artwork on it!

Happy Valley was a blast when the visibility cleared and the light good, wind lips, hollows, bumps, ever changing through the day, but it was a bit of a minefield when the light went flat.

Undoubted picks of the day were the Wall and the Spring Run for advanced riders. For those looking for less steep challenges, the green runs on the Plateau were in great shape, particularly the Low Road which has a big width and machine packed powder hero snow.

Both sides of the mountain river by the Access Chair were seeing descents, the shallow bowl high on the black route had caught a lot of windblown fresh, lower down pick a gully line and follow the natural snow fields back to the bridge at the end of the black downhill bike track. Strictly experts only, and beware of cornices and slab building on the steeper areas on the top of Creag Dhubh.

The fenced low level Red Access Run is in good shape for 3/4 of it's length and mostly pretty wide cover for it too. There is deep wind packed fresh on a firm to hard base on the top 2/3rds. Cover is thinner on the bottom third, but it still has a bit of a base under it so was riding decently to the top of the Carpark, can get to base of the chair, but the last 100 yards was thin/narrow.

Possibility of snow later tonight and slightly fresher winds will mean fresh tracks with windblown powder for Friday morning.
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