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Glencoe // Friday 20th March 2015
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Main Basin T-bar doing it's thing.

Looking over Mugs Alley during the eclipse.

The Blue Access Run, got to here from top of East Ridge on snow - complete to 1500ft, but then a 5min walk down red bike track to carpark.

The Canyon was good fun, but below the Cliffhanger Chair had perfect smooth granular spring snow and was a blast.

Weak shadow's during a clear moment around time of maximum eclipse.

Looking over the middle from top of the Wall T-bar to base of the Main Basin T-bar.

Deep snow still at the top of the Access Chair, Plateau and Low Road runs complete back to here.

New staff transport!

Canyon and below the Cliffhanger great fun granular spring snow on Friday.

We got some views of the eclipse as it neared maximum through the passing breaks in the cloud.

View over the bowl of the Flypaper from the East Ridge.

Putting some spring snow turns in on the East Ridge. You can get a much longer run if you do some leg work back up from low down.

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It turned out not a bad Friday with some decent bright and occasional Sunny Spells, and we even managed some hazy views of the eclipse which giving an eerily dimming light even as the sky cleared a bit.

This evening it's clear to the top under part cloudy skies, setting the scene for what looks like a cracking day on Saturday. Snow will crisp up a bit on the upper mountain, but should loosen into superb granular spring snow, which should be esp good on the steeps that get the morning Sun such as the East Ridge and then the Flypaper - both open and great fun on Friday.

It was a mild night with the FL above the Summits, a slight thaw on the Plateau means one or two narrow bits there, but still great cover mid-mountain and most of the Upper mountain too. The temperature dropped back as the eclipse got under way and the freezing level dropped back onto the Summit during the morning.

This crunched up the snow just a little to give fast crunchy granular spring snow that was a delight. Particularly good was the Canyon and the various lines under the Cliffhanger Chair (but do mind your head particularly from skis/boards off people coming up the Cliffy)!

On the upper slopes the Main Basin and Happy Valley are one wide expanse at the top, with still more of a bulge than a trap, the Haggis Trap is still a continuation of the Main Basin motorway and great for laying out some big spring snow carves today.

West is best and the best overhead of the weekend will be on Saturday at Glencoe and Nevis, so get up for a slide.
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