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Glencoe // Monday 4th May 2015
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Main Basin with fantastic cover on the last day of daily snowsports.

Still fun lines under the Cliffhanger Chair for advanced skiers and boarders.

Patrol working hard (on the goggle tan)!

Spotted outside the Rescue Shed...

Plateau carnage at the end of the day! Overnight mild spell finally did for the uptrack.

Wide and deep spring snow in the Main Basin, it just got better and better as the day went on.

Still good cover to the foot of the Cliffhanger Chair, there's more snow here than on closing day last year!

Looking up a still loaded Ski Tow Gully on the Main Basin T-bar.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Skier passes over where the Haggis Trap ought to be! Huge depth of snow in here.

That appears to be all folks... heading down at the end of a fantastic closing day after a delayed start.

Checking out the Spring Run from the Plateau path.

Canyon was great fun with big spring snow bumps building the hollow.

Heading for Happy Valley, it was a bit sticky and slow as it never got anywhere near the traffic the Main Basin did.

High Road bypassing the patchy section of Mugs Alley below the corner.

Pretty phenomenal cover in the Canyon on the mid-mountain.

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That would appear to be that for lift served snowsports for the 2015 season at Glencoe. After an Arctic weekend that felt more January like than late Spring, the weather came good for a cracker final day after a wee scare in the morning when the wind went pretty ballistic for a couple of hours delaying opening till 10am.

Sadly the milder temperatures overnight meant the Plateau Poma didn't make it to the last day of the season. It also meant the recent accumulations were slow and sticky off the beaten track, but where groomed and heavily skied the snow quickly came back into condition. The Canyon, Spring Run and the Main Basin just got better and better. Bumps were getting pretty big in the Canyon and Thrombosis.

All the upper runs are still complete except Etive Glades and all the mid-mountain runs are still in great shape, with the exception of the middle bit of Mugs Alley which could be bypassed by the cat-track cut into the High Road.

More snow is forecast mid-week as the freezing level gradually lowers again day by day. Indications are for a decent end to the week as a ridge of high pressure establishing itself on Friday, but there is significant doubt about how transient this maybe and whether it will hold for the weekend.

The Access Chair is open daily and for tourers or those willing to hike it's a 5minute or there about walk to the snow. Still areas for sledging around the Plateau Cafe, but it is now closed for the season.
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