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Glencoe // Wednesday 29th April 2015
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Squiggles on the Wall.

Looking over the mid-mountain from the base of the Wall T-bar.

Heading out onto the Wall from Happy Valley.

Looking down Happy Valley, now fully open and complete onto the Wall as well as back to the Main Basin T-bar.

Wide and deep in the Main Basin.

Going up Ski Tow Gully on the Main Basin T-bar.

Looking over the Cliffy and Wall T-bar, Mugs Alley in the foreground from top of the Plateau Poma.

Boarders on the Plateau Poma Run.

Meall a' Bhuiridh looking simply epic for 29th April after another 6-8 inches of snow overnight, from base of Plateau Poma.

Ski off the Access Chair and onto the Plateau Poma to access the mountain.

Point releases trigger fresh slides in the Flypaper Bowl, was a fairly hefty slide yesterday - take heed of avalanche closures!

Mountain Bike trails are scheduled to open for the 2015 Summer Season on Sunday 10th May after the Macavalanche mass start MTB race on Sat 9th.

Out beyond the Blue Access Run this opens out below the top of the Access, got 1000ft of first tracks from level with the Rescue Shed !

Way out East on the Plateau well beyond the low road, base under most of this, but remember the fresh snow is covering things like, err peat hags!

Spring Run freshies at the end of April.

Looking down the Spring Run to the Plateau, the obvious rock band with snowfield to it's left was the line taken out to the Weasel track & Blue Access.

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Stoke Meter: off-scale! Wow... the mesoscale forecast models underestimated the overnight snow, around 6-8 inches at the top of the Access Chair and even more up the mountain where it was a bit lighter. They also got the extent of penetration of the shower clusters a bit wrong, long bright / Sunny spells ensued to enjoy the fresh snow for the lucky people on the mountain.

More snow is expected overnight and a wee bit of drifting so there should be some refreshing for the morning and we're looking at a fantastic day to end April, and likewise looks the same to start of May on Friday. Probably mostly dry the next 2 days, but always a risk of a convective snow shower popping up.

Most of the mountain is open with the majority of the mid and upper mountain trails which are formed by the natural snowfields of Meall a' Bhuiridh having a great cover of soft skier tracked / packed snow on a deep base. Drifting has put a good bit more snow into the Main Basin and Happy Valley than the depth which fell.

All mid-mountain runs are open and Happy Valley is complete out onto the Wall again from the upper mountain. Flypaper was closed due to considerable avalanche risk - take heed!

Plateau Poma is back in operation and there was a considerable improvement in the Plateau runs overnight and they improved with use through Wednesday.

Summer is long enough, you really have to get up and catch some of this. Take advantage of quite slopes and a fine end to the week on Thursday and Friday.
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