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Glencoe // Saturday 20th June 2015
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Looking up to the Spring Run from the top of the Access Chair.

Skinning up through the Haggis Trap is pushing the limits of adhesion on Spring Snow!

Even the Wall is still complete with fast granular Spring Snow.

Looking up the Main Basin, loads of space to build a kicker tomorrow!

Boarders layout some turns on fantastic fast granular Spring Snow on the Main Basin.

Please be careful where you put your feet! Ptarmigan are nesting and are almost invisible unless they move!

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Boarders layout some late afternoon turns in the Main Basin on superb fast granular Spring Snow, ahead of Sunday's Mid-Summer slide on the Solstice.

Meet at the base cafe from 9am Sunday 21st June for a bite of breakfast, before heading up the Access Chairlift. The Cliffhanger Chair will run for a while from around 10am to get skiers and boarders up to the mid-mountain level. It's approximately 7-10minute walk across the Plateau path from the Access Chair to the Cliffhanger Chair.

Main Basin is still complete through both Island Rock Gully and the Haggis Trap, the upper Basin is wide with a still deep cover and easy going with the great Spring Snow conditions.

Main Basin, Spring Run and Flypaper Bowl still all there and in good shape on the upper mountain. Wall is complete to level with the load point on the T-bar, mid-mountain. The Canyon is also skiable, but like the Flypaper there is some huge cracks and crevasses so be careful!

See you on Sunday.
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