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Glencoe // Wednesday 4th March 2015
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Looking down a loaded Spring Run onto the Plateau and Rannoch Moor below.

Heading for home at the end of the day out skiers left on the Darkside.

Far out on the Darkside of the Access Chair - loads of lines being explored today.

Looking up Ski Tow Gully after the Main Basin T-bar opened.

Yes - that is tracks down the Waterfall into the gorge on the river under the Access Chair!

Snow shower on the Darkside - light went really flat on occasions, but everything was a blast when the Sun was out.

Mind your head - close to touch down on the Cliffhanger Chairlift below the Canyon.

Huge amount of snow around the bottom of the Cliffhanger Chair.

From the top of the Beginner Rope Tow looking to the Canyon and the Wall.

Plateau Poma had to be dug out low down, Low Road seeing much more use than the Poma run today.

Looking over the waterfall to the Darkside. Huge amount of traffic here today.

Exploring the lines on the Darkside, the earlybirds got plenty of options for repeat first tracks.

The Black Access Run from the Access Chairlift.

Looking down from 'Carnage Corner' on the lower part of the Red Access Run.

Buried fence and huge width on the upper half of the Red Access Run, big drifts early broke down to skier packed snow.

Digging out the Main Basin T-bar in the morning. T-bars were touching snow in bits of Ski Tow Gully.

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There are lots more photos from Wednesday in the Public Reports.

After days of blizzards in the West and between 26 and 32 inches of new snow fall on Meall a' Bhuiridh, the weather gave us a one day window to play on Wednesday!

An opportunity many skiers and boarder grasped with both hands with the carpark pretty well full by 10.30 in the morning and a solid line on the Access Chair from just before 9am till late in the day. Great riding on the low level Access Runs to the carpark, the red run is in great shape, but it was the Darkside that was seeing the vast bulk of the traffic with people pushing out and exploring different lines in search of fresh tracks through the morning.

Sadly the weather window is closing as quickly as it opened, with several days more of strong winds forecast and sadly milder with it. Though there should be some snow up on the mountain over the next few days. It's a case of wait and watch and hope the Azores High doesn't cause too much damage as ridges Northwards over the next few days as current indications are that after a horrible Saturday things will settle down with High Pressure over Highland Scotland for Sunday and Monday.
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